The purpose of this page is to coordinate the Translations Stories effort as discussed at Natty Narwhal Ubuntu Developer Summit (ubuntutheproject-community-n-translations-portal).

We'd like to show how translations change people's lives for the best, and how the work of translators has an impact on that. We'd like to share our excitement and highlight the awesome work translators do.

If you'd like to help on this effort to raise awareness on translations, here's how:

  1. Sign up. Sign up for writing a translations story on this page by adding your name to the list below.

  2. Research. Think about what you want to write, and get some information. The Get inspired section below should give you a few pointers.

  3. Write a Story. Write a short article highlighting an area related to translations of your choice. Don't forget to add a picture. You can find some guidelines here that you might want to follow to get you going in writing your story.

  4. Send the Story. Send the story to DavidPlanella (david(DOT)planella(AT)ubuntu(DOT)com) adding the word [STORY] to the e-mail's subject. David will take care of publishing it to Ubuntu News and to the translators Facebook page.


Sign up for writing a translations story!

Translations Story





Year 2010 in review for the Slovenian translation team

Ubuntu Slovenian Translators




Ubuntu in Catalan at the «Institut Torre Vicens» School





Ubuntu in Italy at the «Istituto Pacinotti» School in Pontedera





Ubuntu in Galicia at the «Proxecto Abalar»





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Get inspired

Here are some ideas about what you can write about:

  • Sources for content:
    • Schools with Ubuntu in your language: Check out the schools using Ubuntu in your language. Get in touch with them to get more information and write how they are using Ubuntu.

    • Translation Jams: Did you run a translation jam during the UbuntuGlobalJam or at any other time? Tell us how it went!

    • Statistics: Did your team had a whooping increase in translation coverage since the last release? Tell us how you dit it and promote some (healthy Smile :) competition amongst teams.

    • Interviews: Tell us about people being able to use Ubuntu in their language

    • Workflow: Are you particularly proud about your successful translation workflow and would like to show it to other teams? Write an article and let everyone know!

    • Reviews: Tell us how your translation team is doing! Highlight the awesome work you've been doing and let us know if you need help in any areas

    • Be creative: There are lots more of other subjects or areas where we can highlight the work of translators and their impact on people's lives. Use your imagination as a source for stories!


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