Colorado LoCo Team

The Colorado Local Community Team (aka CoLoCo) advocates the use of Open Source software and Ubuntu Linux in the State of Colorado, USA. This is done through CD distribution, team expansion, user-base support, and outreach programs.

The Colorado Local Community Team is not meant to replace our local LUGs but rather enhance their overall experience by having a dedicated place to discuss, contribute, and gain support from local Ubuntu users.

While we were not the first Local Community Team in the USA, we were the first to complete the official process and become fully recognized by the Ubuntu Community Council. We are a member of the US Team mentoring program.

About Us

Our Goals

  • Increase awareness in the community and make our name known.
  • Bring more teachers on board, especially elementary.
  • Develop more relationships like the one Paul Casey has with Longmont Free University.

  • Execute our outreach program.
  • LUG Talks
  • Enhance our web presence: /EnhancedLoCoWeb

What We Do

  • Educate the public about Ubuntu
  • Supply Ubuntu (CDs & CD images)

  • Support Ubuntu Locally
  • Conduct outreach programs
  • Ubuntu Activism
  • Partner with local businesses and Educational institutions to further Ubuntu

Team Activities

Calendar of Events

2007 Team Events

  • 2007 January 9 - Joey to speak at the Northern Colorado Linux Users Group

  • 2007 February 2 - Team Meeting. 6:00 - 9:00 PM.
    • Location: Panera Bread (Meeting Room). 7739 Wadsworth Blvd - Arvada, CO 80003 Topics:

      1. LoCo meeting results

      2. What's next? Where do we want to go?
      3. Do we want to get any presentations created on different topics so we can hit the lug circuit again. (e.g. Mitch on MOTUing)
      4. Team reports (education, marketing, etc.)
      5. Leadership shifts and new delegation.
  • 2007 February 12th - Malcom Yates, Canonical's ISV Manager, does Denver. Informal chat session scheduled for 18:00 at the Falling Rock Tap House (basement)

  • 2007 Marc 3 - IRC Meeting in #ubuntu-colorado on Various team members will be updating on progress of different projects and tasks. Possible discussion of advertising Feisty Fawn release party.
  • 2007 March 10 - Joey to speak at CUGG @ 13:30.

  • 2007 April 20 - Feisty Release Party and Team Meeting - 18:00, Falling Rock Tap House (basement), Denver

2006 Team Events

Calendar Feeds

  • Colorado Ubuntu Team related events: HTML, iCal or XML (maintained by Nick Verbeck)

    Ubuntu Calendar of Events on the Fridge: HTML or iCal

Team Contributions

Local CD Distribution

  • Need some CD's?

    • Denver/Colorado Springs/Mountains/West Slope - Contact David Overcash

    • Boulder/Fort Collins/Greeley/Estes Park - Contact Joey Stanford

    • Denver/Northeast Colorado/Ft Morgan/Sterling - Contact Mitch Mahan

Local ISOs and Packages

  • Local Ubuntu mirror: provided by our good friends at

    • substitute for and in etc/apt/sources.list.

  • Local Ubuntu mirror: provided by CU Denver Association for Computing Machinery group.

    • substitute for and in /etc/apt/sources.list.

    • ISO images available at

Misc Contributions

  • Bug #8136 suggestion for the free support site to point to LoCos. Implemented!


Joining The Team

If you are interested in joining our team please apply on our Launchpad page and then subscribe to the mailing list below. All that is required is residency in or near Colorado and a desire to see Ubuntu grow.

Members must sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. We encourage members to do this via Launchpad. Then please edit this wiki page and add your name to the team list further down.

Meet The Team

  • David Overcash (Lakewood) - LoCo Team Lead

    • So far so little. A general enthusiast and willing to help with any Linux support questions.
  • Mitch Mahan (Denver) - LoCo Deputy Team Lead

  • Joey Stanford (Longmont)

    • Joey's contributions can be found on his "My Ubuntu" page.

  • Neal McBurnett (Boulder)

  • Chris Yoder (Longmont) - Education Team Lead & Activism Team Lead

  • Carl Richell (Denver) - Sponsor

  • Eric Fetzer (Denver) - Sponsor

  • Jacob Rideout (Boulder)

  • David Martin (Denver)
  • Jim Kreuch (Denver)
  • Patrick McDuff (Denver)

  • Manfried Meiser (Denver)
  • Don Scwartz (Denver)
  • Paul Casey (Longmont)
  • Mike Robbert (Denver)

  • Ron Thomas (Denver)
  • Kevin Dyer (Denver)
  • Casey Watson (Denver)
  • Anders Lankford (Westminster)
  • Jeff Haemer (Boulder)
  • Nick Verbeck (Broomfield)
  • Jeremy McCoy (Lakewood)

  • Paul Schwartz (Longmont)
  • Shane Harbour (Arvada)
  • Members, add your info here please.

Contact Us

Corporate Sponsors


Appreciation Call-outs


  • 2006 June 01 - Jeffrey Haemer for donating a huge amount of blank CDs to the Dapper Party Burning Session
  • 2006 June 02 - Joey, for his boundless enthusiasm, energy, and good humor.
  • 2006 July 01 - for the local repository.

  • 2006 October 27 - system76 for sponsoring our Edgy release party

User Communities


Smaller Team Logos

People unfamiliar with Colorado might want to know that our logo is based on the Colorado state flag.

Hackergotchi size:


Distribution Flyer (compliments of Mitch Mahan):

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