April 2009 Team Reports

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Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

  • Meeting 2009-04-21:
    • Yann Hamon asked for the 3 month review of Oxford Archaeology's blog on Planet Ubuntu. Everybody was happy with it.

MOTU Council

  • Brian Murray joined the MOTU team. He has been doing great work in the BugSquad and we're happy to have a new MOTU on board.

  • MC Call, 2009-04-08:
    • Attendees (3/7): Richard Johnson, Emmet Hikory, Michael Bienia.
    • Open Applications: Pedro Fragoso (MOTU; scheduled for 2009-04-10), Elliot Murphy (U-C-D; scheduled for 2009-04-23), Benjamin Drung (U-C-D; scheduled for 2009-04-23), Brandon Holtsclaw (re-activation; scheduled for 2009-04-10)
  • Meeting, 2009-04-10: no quorum, no attendees.
  • MC Call, 2009-04-15:
    • Attendees (6/7): Daniel Holbach, Emmet Hikory, Jonathan Davies, Michael Bienia, Richard Johnson, Soren Hansen.
    • Open Applications: Pedro Fragoso (MOTU; scheduled for 2009-04-10), Elliot Murphy (U-C-D; scheduled for 2009-04-23), Benjamin Drung (U-C-D; scheduled for 2009-04-23), Brandon Holtsclaw (re-activation; scheduled for 2009-04-10),LI Daobing (U-C-D; scheduled for 2009-05-08).
    • Meeting times.
  • MOTU Council Meeting 2009-04-23
    • Attendees (6/7): Daniel Holbach, Richard Johnson, Michael Bienia, Emmet Hikory, Nathan Handler
    • Pedro Fragoso joined the MOTU team. He has been working with the Ubuntu Desktop Team, and he has performed Gnome updates, bugfixes, merges and even LPI changes.

    • Benjamin Drung joined the ranks of the Ubuntu Contributing Developers. He has looked after xmms2 and its clients, and is an active member of the Berlin LoCo.

    • Brandon Holtsclaw rejoined the MOTU team. He plans to resume working on the mono (apache and cli) packages as well as universe SRU and SWAT stuff.

  • MC Call, 2009-04-29:
    • Attendees (4/7): Michael Bienia, Jonathan Davies, Emmet Hikory, Daniel Holbach.
    • Open Applications: Li Daobing (u-c-d), James Westby (core-dev), Jo Shields (motu).
    • Continued discussion about changing to more suitable meeting times.

Forums Council

  • Attendees (20-April-2009): ubuntugeek, Matthew, jdong, Technoviking], [[BodhiZazen and bapoumba

  • Community Council voted to increase size of Forums Council to seven.

  • Matthew, jdong, KiwiNZ, and Technoviking were re-elected to a second two year term to the forums council.

  • bodhi.zazen and bapoumba added to the Forums Council

  • The bans for linuxisevolution and LaRoza were not lifted.

  • The ability for hide post count, at least from the main page has been added. Post count can still be seen on the forums user profile page.
  • The Forum Council saw no problem is the issue reported by suomalainen on people replying to his posts.
  • The Jaunty Jackalope Development forums was closed and the Karmic Koala Forum Development was open on 24-April-2009.
  • Wolfen69 was banned on 28-April-2009 for insulting multiple forums members over an extended period of time.

Americas Membership Board

Ubuntu Development Teams

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for April 2009


  • Jmak fixed a problem with the rendering of the gdm theme.
  • Jmak tweaked the gdm theme buttons.

Bug Triage

  • Cody triaged a number of old xfce4-mixer bugs.
  • Charlie compiled a list of critical bugs in Jaunty.



  • Cody updated the menu and banner on the wiki to be smaller to help make page content easier to read.
  • Cody updated the roadmap pages to reflect the current status of Jaunty goals.
  • Jim is importing documentation translations from Rosetta/Launchpad with help from Matthew East and Adi Roiban.
  • Xubuntu-docs 9.04.2 was released, removing the "draft" watermark from the documentation.


  • Pasi fixed the looks of Xubuntu website
  • Pasi created and the team released countdown banners

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • Cody patched xfce4-mixer package to fix the xfce4-mixer panel plugin which would crash on exit. He forwarded his patch upstream.
  • Mario Limonciello updated gnome-screensaver to not hide the screensaver preferences from XFCE based sessions.
  • A fix was uploaded to exclude screensavers' desktop files from the "Other" menu
  • Lionel uploaded a patch to libxfceutil to display translations for "X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain" desktop files. The patch was contributed by Gert Kulyk.
  • Cody refreshed xubuntu-desktop package.
  • Cody uploaded a new version of Gigolo (0.3.0).
  • Cody uploaded a new version of the xubuntu-artwork package which among other things included Jmak's gdm theme fixes.
  • Cody updated xubuntu-default-settings to fix some font issues.
  • Jaunty Beta and Release Candidate were released.

Documentation Team

  • OpenWeek Docs Day was a great success with five hours of documentation tutorials covering everything we do. We'd like to pass on thanks to everyone who attended and made it possible and I'd especially like to thank Jorge.

  • Ubuntu Documentation Students (Contributers) team became an open team.
  • Several new contributers welcomed to the team, especially following OpenWeek.

  • Discussion began on a proposed installation guide - the next meeting is 10 May 2009 in ubuntu-doc on irc.freenode.net

  • Team meeting 2 May 2009 19:00 UTC in ubuntu-doc on irc.freenode.net

  • Playbook released - Fixing Bugs in the System Documentation

  • A series of lessons on IRC covering contributing to the team were announced - dates to be confirmed.
  • A series of Doc Days - day long pushes across the community in nominated areas announced.

Mobile Team

  • Packaged redboot-tools to hold fis.c and fconfig.c
  • Added support for iMX51 in flash-kernel; added flash-kernel.conf support
  • Update clutter to a new release
  • Coordinate development push towards release of win32-image-creator to support .img writes in Windows
  • Wrote install (entire disk), install (oem), live, and favorites test cases for UNR and posted on the wiki at http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com

  • Multiple test runs and image install testing on UNR, MID, and ARM
  • Modified hardening-wrapper to serve as lpia-wrapper
  • Replicate pango1.0 arm-vfp logic in gtk+2.0
  • Uploaded initramfs-tools running flash-kernel after update-initramfs
  • Setup additional systems in home rack cabinet for LSB testing
    • Completed LSB testing for Alpha 6 release
    • Launched testing for Beta release

A full report may be found here

Team Name

  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Cameroonian Team

* Jaunty Jackalope Release parties organised: Meetings,notes

Canadian Team

Vancouver, BC

  • Hosted Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 Release Party.
  • Increased membership numbers to approx. 60, continuing exponential growth.
  • Established presence on MySpace, Flickr, and Craigslist postings to help the public find us.

  • Hosted April General Meeting. Planned Installfest and "Ubuntu Women" event.
  • Search Engine Optimization (including Google AdWords) to help even more people find us!

Czech Team

  • We have attended LinuxExpo conference and exhibition (April 15th-16th) with both (two computers with Ubuntu and Kubuntu) and talk (Ubuntu 9.04 preview). Photos


  • 2009-04-25: Held a Ubuntu 9.04 release party in Aalborg Ubuntu Live!

  • 2009-04-30: Two people from the team attended a OpenOffice.org conference in Odense.

German Team


  • 2009-04-23: Bug Jam where we discussed how we'd like future Bug Jams to work. Also Benjamin Drung became Contributing Developer during the Jam!

  • 2009-04-25: Fantastic Release Party in Berlin's c-base. (Short report.)


  • 2009-04-23: Dynamic Release Party in K34 art gallery (Report in german).About 30 attendees. -- tpfennig 2009-05-01 14:58:13

Honduras Name

Irish Team

  • Regular Monthly IRC Meeting was held on 15th of April

  • Ubuntu-ie celebrated Jaunty Jackalope Release on the 25th of April - Report

Japanese Name

Lithuanian Team

Norwegian Team

  • 2009-04-15: Giving out flyers for the release party under the Communty One North conference in Oslo.
  • 2009-04-17: Presenting Ubuntu under the GoOpen conference in Oslo and giving out flyers for the release party. See pictures here

  • 2009-04-23: Held a Ubuntu 9.04 release party in Oslo UbuCon 9.04 celebrating Ubuntu's 10th release. See pictures here

Philippine Team

Swiss Team

  • 2009-04-23: Release Party in Bern.

United States Teams

US Teams Project

New York Team

Pennsylvania Team

Florida Team

Ohio Team

  • Final preparations for May 9 release party (join us!)
  • CDs ordered and received, leftovers will be saved for OLF 2009

Maryland Team

Idaho Team (first report)

  • Oct 08: Initial request to start Ubuntu Idaho
  • April 09: Set up IRC channel, Wiki, Website, and mailing lists for Team
  • Apr: Request approval for URL and logo
  • Apr: Our first mini-install fest for Jaunty (5 in attendance)
  • Apr: Started a mentorship relationship for Idaho Ubuntu Team Leaders

Welsh Team

Russian Teams

Saint Petersburg Team

Tunisian Team

Ubuntu Women

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