March 2009 Team Reports

If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.

Community Council

  • CC Meeting, 3rd March 2009:
    • Status Update on / transition from James Troup: what needs doing is clearly specified, the only hairy part is transitioning the existing contents (obviously, don't want to break URLs), James needs to find resource/time to write the code and implement it. James will try and push that forward, we have to keep existing links working (so will 302 to - that's only scary in terms of a) the mapping, and b) apt not following redirects), quotas will probably come later
  • CC Meeting, 17th March 2009
    • Forum Council re-election and expansion: Mike Basinger agreed to send a separate mail to the CC with the voting options and propose a cut-off date in 1-2 weeks time. Under discussion is the the re-election of members and the expansion of the Council by two seats.

MOTU Council

  • 2009-03-05 MC Meeting
    • Open Applications: Toadstool (MOTU reapplication), rgreening (MOTU), awen (MOTU)
    • Clarification of MOTU Council Meeting wiki page
      • Additional text was added to the wiki page to guide applicants to follow the application process, rather than just adding themselves to the agenda.
    • Review of action items from the last meeting
      • The action to request a proposed charter from the MOTU Release team was reviewed, and a backup plan developed in case the planned note could not be sent soon.
  • 2009-03-11 MC Meeting
    • Open Applications:
      • Toadstool (MOTU reactivation)
      • rgreening (MOTU)
      • awen (MOTU)
      • fabrice_sp (UCD)
    • MOTU Release Charger
      • Reassignment of request to alternate MOTU Council Member
    • Upload permissions for emacs-snapshot
      • Report of the results of the Technical Board meeting
    • Welcoming New Members
      • Planning for a quick induction meeting prior to the meeting on the 13th
  • 2009-03-18 MC Meeting
    • Open Applications:
      • statik (UCD).
    • MOTU Release Charter
      • Agree to open discussion to ubuntu-devel.
    • Upload permissions for emacs-snapshot
      • Update on communications status.
  • Fabrice Coutadeur joined the ranks of the Ubuntu Contributing Developers. He has done a great job overall and we're happy he is part of the team. One of his primary interests is video editing.

  • Roderick Greening joined the MOTU team. His great work in the Kubuntu community did not go unnoticed and we're happy to have a new MOTU on board.

  • Andreas Wenning did amazing work in the Kubuntu team and we're very happy he joined the MOTU team.

  • Jérémie Corbier rejoined the MOTU team. He plans to resume QA work and also get involved in the Ubuntu Mobile team. We're very happy to have him back.

  • MOTU Council Meeting 2009-03-25
    • Attending: dholbach, nixternal, geser, persia
    • Agenda:
      • Open Applications: Elliot Murphy (u-c-d), Brian Murray (MOTU), Pedro Fragoso (MOTU)
        • It was agreed to reactivate Pedro's u-c-d membership during the application period
      • Upload permission for emacs-snapshot
        • The TB has passed this formally back to the MC
        • Members of the MC are in touch with Romain, and an application is expected next month
      • MOTU Release Charter
        • Discussion seems to be underway. No further action required unless discussion again stalls without moving towards approval.
  • 2009-03-26 Meeting:
    • unable to reach quorum.
    • Elliot Murphy on holidays the next weeks, so re-applying in a month.
    • Brian Murray's application to be processes within the next week. Daniel to find meeting time.

Ubuntu Development Teams

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for March 2009


  • Lots of general discussion on the mailing list.
  • Pasi prepared stuff for Jaunty artwork cycle
    • Wallpaper
    • Countdown banners
    • GDM theme (needs polishing)
  • Pasi worked on potential Jaunty+1 artwork:
    • First version for new GTK theme
      • Charlie did excessive testing on the performance issues.
  • Pasi and Michael started planning/working on new Usplash theme

Bug Triage

  • Many bugs fixed with the upgrade to Xfce 4.6.



  • Jim Campbell cleaned up the documentation in advance of String Freeze on Thursday. He removed all ghelp links from the Xubuntu documentation, converting them to links that will work when the docs are converted to html.
  • Charlie and Pasi updated hardware requirements on the wiki. Charlie did excessive testing whether these apply to Jaunty.
  • Cody cleaned up the documentation by removing cruft and rewrote the Makefiles so that the documentation builds properly.


  • Following the Grow the Xubuntu Community -specification.

  • Discussion about the target audience for Xubuntu
  • Work is made to get everything consistent.

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • Released Alpha 5
  • Uploaded all of Xfce 4.6 (Big Thanks to Lionel, Michael, Jeromeg, and the Debian Xfce Team).
  • Released Alpha 6
  • Upgrade testing in progress for Jaunty. Upgrades using normal procedures and using aufs based upgrades are working.
  • Lionel applied a cherry-pick to xfwm4 from upstream svn to fix a focus issue with update-manager (LP: #335928)
  • Lionel applied a patch to Thunar so that Thunar will correctly honour user's umask.
  • Lionel updated the Xubuntu seeds to include rarian instead of scrollkeeper.
  • Cody de-seeded xfmedia from ship seed (due to inability to include recommended package on cd) and regenerated xubuntu-meta.
  • Cody updated gigolo desktop file to be more useful (and potentially avoided offending folks).
  • Lionel uploaded artwork and default settings changes.
  • Cody and Nathan assisted Jim in documentation packaging efforts.
  • Cody uploaded updated documentation translation templates to launchpad and sent out an e-mail to encourage folks to help translate Xubuntu documentation for jaunty.
  • Cody patched gnome-terminal to not show up in the menu as our terminal menu item uses the preferred terminal.
  • Cody patched xfprint4 to not install its desktop files so that we don't have 4-5 menu items related to printing.
  • Michael updated the xubuntu-artwork package to use png files instead of svg as svg does not have acceleration under arm and was causing the login process to take a whole extra minute to complete.

Mobile Team

  • Assembled and released the first hand-rolled babbage image on

  • Continued pushing for and discussing a native build of Red Boot
  • Worked on updating the kernel of the Armel builds and porter box for VFP fixes and NEON hwcaps
  • Fixed python-hildondesktop and made sure it worked on MID
  • Floated idea of dynamic swap file vs dedicated partition on the Warthogs mailing list. Several advantages over dedicated partition, especially on MID/Netbook systems with limited storage
  • Prepared casper update to show "install" on Home for MID
  • Work on oem-config to match the experience compared to a normal desktop usage
  • Reported and collected profiling info on ckbcomp's slowness on armel
  • Many seed cleanups for UNR.
  • A preliminary test automation script for the Cheese application was created
  • Fixed a nasty (and time consuming) install bug on NSLU2

Server Team

Team Name

  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Canadian Team


German Team


  • 26th March: the Jam team met in c-base and worked on upgrading a package to a new upstream version. Also we discussed further plans on Berlin Jams.

Honduras Team

  • Frequently IRC meetings for planning objectives to transmit the use of Free Software and Ubuntu in Honduras

  • We have organized the First Linux Tour Honduraswith the help of the GNU/Linux Community of Nicaragua.

  • We have choosen the oficial logo of the the team.

  • Planning the FLISOL and the Ubuntu 9.04 release party planning

Irish Team

Japanese Team

Lithuanian Team

Philippine Team

Romanian Team

  • Ubuntu Romanian Localisation helped to push the GNOME translation over 80% and Romanian became an official language in GNOME. The translations were made in Launchpad and uploaded upstream to the GNOME project, so those translations are available for Ubuntu too. It was a milestone, but it is still more work to be done.

Taiwan Team

  • An active for end user--"U is big and free - Ubuntu" was held in NCKU by the Ubuntu-TW and NCKUCC department in 24th Marth with real-time live streaming.About 40 students attended. The VCR files are in

  • We get an invitation to give an introduction about Ubuntu at National Pingtung Senior High in the 29th April.

  • We get an invitation to give an introduction about Ubuntu at Study-Area@Taipei in the 23th May.

  • Release Party at COSCUP is being planned.

US Teams

Florida Team

Chicago Team

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Ubuntu Chicago Local Community Team Page - Team Reports


Chicago Team
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Ubuntu Next IRC Team Meeting Ubuntu

Welcome to the Chicago Team reporting page. Every month this page should be filled with bullet points indicating the summary of some of the work you have been working on. As you work on something, try to summarise it here. A few guidelines for how to write good points here:

  • Keep it simple and short - single sentences are best. Smile :)

  • Try to summarize your work and not be over-detailed - we don't need to know specifics, just a summary of the kind of work involved
  • Where possible, include relevant links.

The Report

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New Mexico Team

  • New Mexico Team Held it's weekly IRC meetings on March 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th see our notes here.

  • David Thomas New Mexico Ubuntu Member interviewed on Ubuntu Podcast #22 see it here.

  • March 10th Albuquerque on the Cheap is a new blog that's all about things to do in ABQ and all on the cheap. The Ubuntu New Mexico Loco, along with New Mexico LinuxFest, Software Freedom Day, and The New Mexico Linux Corporation will be supplying a Swag Bag for them to give away when they launch Tuesday, March 10th. Check out all the goodies. check out all the goodies.

  • Getting ready for an Ubuntu LAN party
  • Preparing for Ubuntu 9.04 Release Party
  • Continuing work getting ready for New Mexico Linuxfest.

Pennsylvania Team

  • Held IRC meeting on 4 of March to plan Pittsburgh Jaunty release, which will be held at Fox & Hound

  • Mailing list discussion planning Philadelphia Jaunty release

Ohio Team

  • IRC meeting: finalized plans for release party: May 9 at the usual Panera Bread in Easton.

Welsh Team

  • Started the Welsh LoCo team & gained 14 members.

  • Configured IRC channel with relavent bots including ubot4 & MootBot, awaiting the LoCo bot for logging however.

  • Planning a launch party for Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 on Saturday 25th April.
  • Awaiting the DNS key for
  • Awaiting the conference pack from shipit for our plans in April as outlined in the email.
  • Written an email to Heddlu De Cymru, South Wales Police regarding the French success in the Ubuntu conversion saving €50,000,000. Outlining many benefits starting with the cost factor, a copy of this mail can be seen at here.

Swiss Team

Tamil Team

Tunisian Team

  • ubuntu day at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax : FSEG Event 9.03 Abstract and Report.

  • ubuntu day at Ras El Jebel : Ras El Jebel Event 9.03 Abstract.

Venezuela Team

  • Gave a talk at a gamers conference "Revolutions" and helped install on participants machines. check out for pictures of the event.

  • The team is activly gathering more marketing materials VenezuelaTeam/MaterialPOP for FLISOL 2009.

  • Had a face 2 face meeting in Caracas to help organize in the FLISOL event in region along with other project teams (fedora-ve, etc).
  • an IRC meeting is scheduled for this saturday to further coordinate participation in the Many events happening in Venezuela. Foro mundial del conocimiento libre, Congreso Nacional de Software Libre, FLISOL, and a Jaunty Release Party. you can find the agenda at VenezuelaTeam/Meeting

Cypriot Team

  • Team reports: Added Contributions-RL for real-life contributions (PDF version)!
  • 2009-03-09: Ubuntu-cy was invited to the second communities conference for FLOSS, organised by Team considers to be represented by tsakf!

  • 2009-03-01: Ubuntu-cy mailing list available through Gmane NNTP.
  • .pdf and .odt available:

Ubuntu Women

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