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Unity Theme

New theme concept for use in Lucid Lynx that should cover all screens. (Splash, login, lock and desktop screen)


It's being born to give Ubuntu or more stylized and fluid look. It's roughly based on the Dust theme and should cover all aspects in Ubuntu and make use of the current icon set (Humanity). Thus icon sets and background's (except maybe the login screen's background) are not part of this project.

Please post you comments and suggestions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9298495
(Old closed thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1397770)

Aspects that needs skinning:

Splash screen

  • - Startup / Shutdown

TB - Splash 1.png

  • - Startup / Shutdown (Alternative)

TB - Splash 1.png
Login screen

  • - User Selection

TB - Login.png

  • - Selected User

TB - Login - User.png

  • - User Message

TB - Login - Message.png
Full desktop

  • - Shutdown Menu

TB - Desktop - Shutdown Menu.png

  • - User Menu / Firefox (Alpha)

TB - Desktop - User Menu - Firefox.png

  • - Administrative Task

TB - Desktop - Admin Task.png
Lock screen

  • - Screensaver (Example)

TB - Screensaver.png

  • - Unlock

TB - Screensaver - Locked.png

  • - User Message

TB - Screensaver - Message.png


Splash screen

Startup / Shutdown

Splash 1.png
The diagonal elements within the bar should move horizontally to indicate the system is not locked up.
Startup: The progress bar should fill within the boot time from left to right.
Shutdown: The progress bar should empty within the shutdown time from left to right.

Startup / Shutdown (Alternative)

Splash 2.png

Login screen

User Selection

User selection example. The default start screen. The mouseover / key selection can be seen on the user M. van Workum (Mouse pointer).
Notice the login options have moved to the upper right corner to be more consistent with the desktop. The shutdown button will always be in the upper right corner, no matter in what state the system is.
Notice that even the date shows the temperature, as it will be when logged in, as well.

Selected User

Login - User.png
Screen selected user and shutdown menu example.

User Message

Login - Message.png
User selection lease message example.

Full desktop

Shutdown Menu

Desktop - Shutdown Menu.png
attachment:Desktop - Shutdown Menu - Joy.png attachment:Desktop - Shutdown Menu - Palm.png attachment:Desktop - Shutdown Menu - Road.png

User Menu / Firefox (Alpha)

Desktop - User Menu - Firefox.png
attachment:Desktop - User Menu - Firefox - Joy.png attachment:Desktop - User Menu - Firefox - Palm.png attachment:Desktop - User Menu - Firefox - Road.png

Administrative Task

Desktop - Admin Task.png

Lock screen

Screensaver (Example)

A possible screensaver to show the difference when the user moves it's mouse or presses a key when lock screen feature is enabled.


Screensaver - Locked.png
Lock screen example. Notice the blurred and darken screensaver as background. It would actually be very nice if the screensaver would continue working.

User Message

Screensaver - Message.png
Lock screen leave message example. Notice the blurred and darken screensaver as background.


M. van Workum (Reason)


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