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X-IVi ... Human Deluxe


X-IVi is a obvious name for two reasons: 1. The base-theme was "Ivi" (Thank to "nale12"). 2. X-IV means 10.4 (Lucid) and the simple "i" means Design (iPod, iMac, ...), but don't care really about the "i". Smile :)
Okay now about the theme: So I wasn't really happy with "Finestly Yin-Yang" for some limitations I had.. (only the murrine-engine). I took the decision to mix it with some pixmaps for get a higher level. With Ivi I got the right base for begin it again. The idea was to create a real Human-Theme (brown-tones and almost rounded). But this one had to be nicer than all I saw before and smooth (low contrast) for match better with the new Humanity-Icons. I am not a "code-hacker" and more a graphical-artist. But don't worry, I put all my best in it and I am thinging it's working very well. Smile :)
Metacity isn't included! Try it with the newest submissions like "Lucidity" or "Homosapien 0.9 < *".

- Recommended fontsizes are almost all in "10" (Droid-Sans).
- Recommended Icon-Set is "Humanity-Dark" (the newest version from the branch).

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X-IVi - Theme



* Version 0.5 - scholli - 17-02-2010

* Oh man, if it wasn't for the brown title bar, this would be sweeeett: @R@

* It's true... I changed it. - scholli - 12-02-2010

* The Ivy theme from gnome-look had excellent style, but some of its features were just obnoxiously ugly (gradient menu bar, for example), thank you for fixing it, now it looks very good! - Alexei Boronine

* Nice can you give me the wallpaper xOOn (xoon@live.it) Thanks


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