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Means: clarity, free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression a lucid state of mind; not confused (


Ubuntu needs a clean, unobtrusive interface. This theme attempts to extend the idea that is being applied to the panel (clean, monochrome icons, minimalist) and extending that through the theme while not deviating too far from the current Ubuntu styles.


Here is an early stage mockup of the File Operations menu:



This is an early mockup only. The concept needs to be developed further, and will be if people think the current mockup has merit.


Please leave your comments here.

Full theme can be found here. Leave constructive criticism as needed. --

There's a whole lot more discussion here: --

Very Nice. Maybe a little more life (in the progressbar?). Other possible downside: its a little OS-X like. Otherwise very neat. gonzaklo --

I really like this them. I agree that the progress bar should have more "action". I don't think that it looks like OS X at all. JasonCook599 --

Looks great! I don't think that it's to Mac'ish. I like the little "metal" feeling and the brown status bar. In my opinion, the status bar doesn't need more action in it. For me it's great because of its simplicity! One request: please don't become more brown with the design, like it went with the xsplash in karmic. This xslpash-brown is not modern but just ugly! :-P ~textamoebe --

This is a great direction for Ubuntu, the simplicity of it makes it look mature and robust. J. Driessen --

Clean, professional and serious. Nothing better for the old-fashioned Ubuntu. That's the best theme i've seen 'till now. Nice Work,i hope that this will be next Ubuntu's default theme! Orfeo C. aka Otacon--

-- Please built a real theme based on this mockup! Only because it looks like modern design, it doesn't mean it looks too much like MacOS. Many buildings, cars and devices look a simplistic metal look today. Just implement it, please!

-- Yes, please! I think this mock up looks fantastic and would love to see it developed into a full theme. I wish this didn't need to be said, but since someone brought up OS X, I'd like to say I strongly disagree and see no resemblance. - Steve Love

-- Nice work. If I could say, make corners less rounded (I guess this is 5px. 3 or 4px is enough.). Also, the button will need more contrast. Title bar deserves less height. It could use Homosapien-like buttons, too. And, already mentioned, the progress bar doesn't fit there. - Equiet

-- This looks surprisingly good! My only suggestion is to make the title bar slightly (2-3px?) shorter. - dsavi

-- There is already a Metacity theme based on this mockup on gnome-look. (

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