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A-Desk (Animated Desktop)

Being a shy but elegant animal, the platypus is often ignored by the Ubuntu artwork community. This must not go on. We need art that can bring the characteristics of this wonderful little animal to Ubuntu.


A-Desk v17 is my latest version of this script.

It is a simple script that displays a list, with options to Select between several videos, including gnome screensaver and add a personal video.

This script needs, mplayer and xwinwrap.

P.D.: (This is for UBUNTU TEAM: I would like to visit this link and think about adding in the next version of ubuntu, the applet to-desk, reconfigured for you and with an interface to add and remove videos.

I have provided and I tried to create a glade interface and pass the script from bash to python, but I do not know the language, and is costing me a lot to create it.

You may want to contact me.


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