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A new professional looking update to the Human theme that appeared in Karmic.


Create a refreshed look to the Ubuntu Desktop that appeared in Karmic 9.10 . Accomplished by utilizing several of the new murrine options including new arrowstyle, border_shades, border_colors, comboboxstyle, gradient_colors, prelight_shade, shadow_shades, spinbuttonstyle, textstyle, trough_shades, reliefstyle, and stepperstyle. The new version of murrine was just pushed to the Lucid repositories so there should be no issues experiencing all the new features. The metacity theme is extremely similar to the Human Karmic version with some minor beautifications and buttons by zacbarton based on the Homosapien mock up.




Source : Launchpad

This theme utilizes the latest murrine engine v0.91.0.



Human-Lucid GTK Theme v0.4

* Metacity nearing perfection;

* consolidate buttons, bg, etc (thanks to zacbarton);

* added colored menu icon unfocused/focused prelight;

* loose bg's on unfocused windows


* That is a really nice theme. The gtkrc is clean and u're experience about theming is noticeable. Some suggestions I have up to u: 1. Maybe the scrollbar sharper and nicer. 2. The Metacity-Point can be improved. Active Window that yellow point like the field of the x-button. The point in the inactive Window could be nicer - it's to rough at moment. 3. widget AppsMenu can be "bold"... ok it's all. Thank u for u're time and good works. - scholli - 12-02-2010

* Thanks scholli. Same to you. If you get a chance could you check out Homosapien. Zac and I worked together and that is pretty much the finished product being pushed to community-themes for testing. Could you test that out and see if the issues were fixed? The scrollbar was fixed (shinier) and much work to the metacity. Regards -- dashua 2023-02-09


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