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Dichotomy is a new work-in-progress GTK theme for the upcoming Lucid Lynx (10.04) release. Please note that all other theme elements (Icons, Pointer, Wallpaper & Metacity decoration) correspond to the new "Ambience" theme.


The purpose of this GTK theme is to integrate Ubuntu's original and distinctive identity (orange and brown) into Lucid Lynx's upcoming Brand refresh.

The Widget Factory

Full size Note: ComboBox widget exhibits prelight colouring in the above screenshot.


Full size

Desktop & Applications

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  • Can you please this line to your gtkrc: GtkMenuBar::window-dragging = 1 so that it supports dragging by menubar like the default themes? BTW, thanks for the great theme. @shafin@

  • @shafin: Fixed in version 0.2. Thanks for the suggestion! -- psyke83 2010-03-08

  • I like this better than Ambience. Great job. That's how you we should use the GTK+ engine. -- wersdaluv 2010-03-09

  • I think the orange would be better off if it wasn't so bright @yman@
  • @yman: Version 0.4 has toned down the orange slightly (along with other miscellaneous changes). My intention was to create a theme with richer colours than usual; this is as far as I would be willing to compromise. -- psyke83 2024-06-17

  • @psyke83: This is still better than the official Light Themes -- wersdaluv 2024-06-17


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