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  * Theme: [[attachment:Kioo-0.1.tar.gz|Kioo theme for GTK and Metacity]]   * Theme: [[attachment:KiooGtk.tar.gz|Kioo theme for GTK and Metacity]]

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Kioo is the Swahili word for glass. The glassy look of this theme is why I chose this word as the name of the theme.


The Kioo theme is a balance between shades of grey, brown and orange resulting in a theme which is easy on the eyes in any lighting condition.

Desktop Preview



One method to install a Gnome theme is to open the "Appearance Preferences" dialogue under System>Preferences menu and click the <Install> button. Gnome will prompt you to select a theme which in this case is Kioo-0.1.tar.gz. Once installed, select the Kioo theme from the list of available themes.


The Human icon theme fits into the Kioo theme very well.



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