January 2010 Team Reports

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Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

  • 2010-01-19 meeting
    • no agenda item for 11 UTC meeting
    • Daniel decided to take the wiki licensing item off the agenda as he can almost never make the 21 UTC time and to discuss the agenda item with mdke over email.
    • Developer membership couldn't be discussed because the DMB election is not closed yet.
  • ~universe-contributors is not administered by the CC, so the decision was moved to the TB

Developer Membership Board

  • Developer Membership Board meeting, 2010-01-05
    • Chair: Matt Zimmerman
    • Review action items from previous meeting
      • mdz to drive election for DMB, based on existing members of TB and MC
        • voting is in progress now
        • persia very much appreciated the second call for votes: something rarely seen in these polls.
        • 77 votes cast out of 146 eligible voters
        • the vote will end in 13 days, 2010-01-18
        • mdz noted that there was not much guidance available on how to conduct the election, some aspects had to be made up as he went (possible Community Council topic)
    • MOTU direction (ScottK, cjwatson)
      • No progress since the previous meeting
      • [ACTION] ScottK+cjwatson to pull joint fingers out and write up proposal

    • Next meeting
      • The next meeting will be conducted by the new DMB, based on the outcome of the election
      • cjwatson and pitti agreed to attend that meeting for continuity

IRC Council

  • IRC Council Meeting 2010-01-31
    • Revisit #ubuntu-ops policies including 'no idling' & +v

      • Will discuss further on public mailing list
    • Should the IRCC members be direct members of ~ubuntu-core-ircops and named channel operators?
      • 0 for, 4 against, 0 abstained. Total: -4
    • Discussed IRCC Charter: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil

      • Pending CC approval, the following changes were agreed upon:
        • Decisions will be made when a majority of the seated council is in agreement
          • 4 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 4
        • The Council will have a chairman with a casting vote, elected by the IRC Council every year
          • 4 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 4
    • Discussed formal Operator Requirements: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements

      • Accept the current operator reuirements and probation docs. We will formally review in 4 months
        • 4 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 4

MOTU Council

  • 2010-01-08 Meeting:
    • Charlie Smotherman (porthose) was approved as a MOTU.
    • Ilya Barygin (randomaction) was approved as a MOTU.
  • 2010-01-21 MC Call
    • Pending term ends and future of the MC
      • Four of the seven members of MC have terms expiring by the end of the month
      • The DMB has not yet heard, or taken decision on community-lucid-motu

      • It would be difficult to hold an election for roles that are currently undefined, and may have no meaning
      • In light of the current uncertainty, the MOTU Council has resolved (4 votes in favour, 3 abstaining) to cease activities when these terms expire.
      • If the DMB determines that there is a need for a MOTU Council, and delegates the selection of membership in that MOTU Council to the current MOTU Council, a new selection process will be undertaken to fill the outstanding 4 seats.
    • Potential future (or lack thereof) of MOTU Council
      • To better inform the DMB in the decision process, the MOTU Council will present arguments both for and against continuation of MOTU Council

Technical Board

  • Technical Board meeting, 2010-01-12 (chair cjwatson)
    • Prior action review, leaves the following still to do:
      • [ACTION] kees to follow up with Debian TC on units policy
      • [ACTION] cjwatson to follow up with mythbuntu-dev to get
        • ubuntu-core-dev added
      • [ACTION] ScottK to update Kubuntu/UpdatesPolicy based on Kubuntu
      • [ACTION] sabdfl to propose to CC that the TB is a CC delegate, and
        • clarify his role
    • Units Policy
      • We discussed briefly whether to recommend that developers go ahead
        • with implementation in advance of feedback from the Debian TC. The majority of the board preferred to wait for at least a while, since we've requested feedback and should wait for it, and since the benefit may not outweigh the cost of carrying another stack of patches.
      • Check back on status next meeting.
    • When is it a good idea to fail out of a maintainer script?
      • While there is loose agreement that "something ought to be done"
        • about this, the technical options are not yet clear enough to decide something at the TB level. Shelving for the moment; mdz will bring this up on ubuntu-devel if and when he gets the chance to put together some detailed options.
    • Execute Permission Policy (KeesCook)

      • After some discussion, the TB ratified this policy
    • Check up on community bugs (standing item)
      • The only item already has an associated action.
    • Next meeting is 2010-01-26. Chair: Keybuk
  • Technical Board meeting, 2010-01-26 (chair kees)
    • Prior action review, leaves the following still to do:
      • [ACTION] ScottK to update Kubuntu/UpdatesPolicy based on Kubuntu
      • [ACTION] sabdfl to propose to CC that the TB is a CC delegate, and
        • clarify his role
      • Archive reorganisation (cjwatson)
        • persia mentioned that he handled "Update Ubuntu developer and process documentation to reflect changes" task
        • [ACTION] persia to update documentation with anything discovered to be missing
      • Kubuntu/UpdatesPolicy
        • still waiting on Kubuntu upstream
      • Units Policy
        • waiting to hear back from Debian TC
      • Check up on community bugs (standing item)
        • Waiting on update from sabdfl.
    • Next meeting is 2010-02-09. Chair: Keybuk

Ubuntu Development Teams

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for January, 2010

This has been our best month ever.

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • Testing of the new LTS, Lucid Lynx, is continuing on schedule.

Artwork and marketing


  • Jim has begun work on Xubuntu docs, ported off of Ubuntu docs. The bzr branch is located here, and will be merged to the current Xubuntu doc branch once stable. Conservatively, this will be ready within the next two weeks.

  • Once that is done, Jim will need help from Pasi to work on the CSS theming and the landing page.

Team Governance

  • The team met in early January to discuss team governance. A detailed framework was established, but it is not yet finalized. This will require follow-up.

Mobile Team


  • The team continue on with the most successful cycle yet. Images are available for both the Freescale iMX51 and Marvell Dove platforms and Lucid is proving to be a decisive release for the mobile teams ARM efforts.


  • The Freescale iMX51 image is in great shape although it is still missing the new 2D based netbook-launcher-efl UI, but this is expected to land very soon. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the Marvell Dove image. The archive rebuild to gain ARM optimisations has triggered complications and the team continue to search for solutions.
  • The fail to build package list was a focus of much attention this month and is now in great shape. ARM specific breakage is minimal.
  • The team continued to welcome kernel patches by vendors to improve our kernel images with positive results.

Blueprint Work

  • There was work on the live-cd slowness issues. Jamie Bennett's (JamieBennett) investigative work and early code looked promising although the complete solution was not ready yet. Parallel to this ongoing work with kernel patches and general tiding-up helped to produce a much more pleasant boot process on ARM hardware.

  • A major change to ARM images this cycle is the inclusion of a 2D Ubuntu Netbook Edition styled UI. Based on the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (http://www.enlightenment.org), work was needed to bring several packages into main to meet the dependency issues of canonical's EFL implementation. At times stalling, issues have now been resolved and we should see the default seed change shortly.

  • The archive rebuild to enable Thumb2 has been a mixed blessing. iMX51 images have gained improved performance whilst dove images have at times been completely unusable. This month has seen lots of work trying to resolve issues but unfortunately there is no conclusion as yet.
  • This month also saw Google's Chrome browser building and pleasing most who had hardware to benchmark it. It seems much faster than any of the other browser offerings at this time. Thanks should be directed to Alexander Sack (asac) for his efforts.
  • Ubuntu's community offering for mobile devices, Ubuntu Liquid, saw renewed effort. The team worked closely with the community to help progress this along with the hope that alpha-3 will bring solid results.
  • To complete the improvement in images, Paul Larson's (plars) work on improved test methods was contributing to increased test coverage and it is hoped that the final image will be the most tested yet.


  • The team is enjoying a positive and fruitful cycle so far but there is a realisation that much work it yet to be done. There is also a looming issue with archive optimisations that have somehow adversely effected the Marvell Dove platform and a thought that if this cannot be resolved, drastic actions may be need. This takes the gloss off the month's work a little but optimism that a solution can be found is still prevalent.

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Catalan Team

  • January 3rd: meeting with Rubén Romero, from Nicaragua LoCo Team in Barcelona.

  • January 10th: new Launchpad team for organization of LoCo activities: ubuntu.cat-org.

  • January 16th: LoCo meeting. Decided the placement for the next release party: València.

  • January 23rd: Install party at Germinal cooperative in Barcelona.
  • January 30th: install party at the Library in Caldes de Montbuï.

Colombian Team

Czech Team

  • Team Leader election - new leader is again VojtěchTrefný, congrats

  • Plans for Global Jam - this time perhaps live in Prague and Brno

  • Marketing - new Czech posters: 1, 2, 3 (thanks to Alois Hybl and Roman Matyus)

  • Meetings
    • Live Meeting in Prague (16th January) - only ten participants Sad :(

    • Live meeting in Pardubice (5th February)

Danish Team

Ecuador Team

  • First Community foryour 2010.
  • We support the initiation of the nascent Ecuador Debian community.
  • Meeting for create a subdistro called "MINGA" based on Edubuntu, for Ecuadorian education.

Irish Team

  • Our first Ubuntu Hour took place on the 6th of January at 6pm at the Trinity Capital Hotel bar.

  • Regular Monthly IRC Meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 13th January 2010.

  • We loved Ubuntu Hour so much we had another one on the 27th of January at 6pm at the Trinity Capital Hotel bar.

  • The qtonrails project reached a milestone where it is possible to generate a simple Qt Application based on a Ruby on Rails. Still very much WIP.

Japanese Team

Nicaraguan Team

Philippine Team

Russian Team



Kuban Team

  • We are distributing Ubuntu 9.10 and 8.04.4 LTS as well as repositories for Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS.
  • We had continued preparations for the project of typical automated information management system for business (SMB) based on Ubuntu LTS distributions.

United States Teams

US Teams Project

California Team

Chicago Team

District of Columbia Team

  • Held meeting to discuss the following:
    • cleaning up DistrictOfColumbiaTeam wiki pages

    • adding LoCo pictures to Flickr

    • Holding Bug Jam's before weekly meetings
    • importing identi.ca streams to the dc locoteam wiki page
    • getting interested members to sign up on spreadubuntu

    • changed IRC channel to #ubuntu-us-dc
    • holding KDE 4.4 release party
    • added our ubuntu hour to wiki page
  • Meetings are now held weekly every saturday at 18:00 local time in #ubuntu-us-dc
  • Ubuntu hour with a bug jam at Taste Of India at 16:00 local time every week until the 18:00 meeting.

  • There will be a KDE 4.4 release party Here


New York State Team


  • 20100112 7pm - 9pm cprofitt gave a hands-on how-to demonstration of GIMP RCSI - Rochester Computer Society
  • 20100107 7pm - 9pm cprofitt gave a hands-on how-to demonstration of GIMP Barnes and Noble @ RIT

North Carolina Team

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

Ubuntu Beginners Team

* Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2010-01-05

  • Channel movements -
    • #ubuntu-beginners-help was redirected to #ubuntu-beginners
    • #ubuntu-beginners-team was created for team discussions
    • ##cabaret was for off-topic chat
  • Roadmap - duanedesign had been working on that and created a wiki page - currently at their sandbox duanedesigns' sandbox

  • Userdays took place at the end of the month with collabaration with members of UBT https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays

  • Votes - excluding channel votes summarized above
    • It was agreed to keep the Stalker Focus Group
    • It was agreed to decide new leads at the next meeting
    • It was agreed to use Launchpad as official member list for FGs and remove wiki lists.
    • Logging of main channel was postponed for more discussion in light of the channel changes
    • It was not agreed to unvoice members of the beginners team in #ubuntu-beginners
  • Chris Johnston joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team.

  • ikt joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team.

Ubuntu Women Team

Ubuntu Community Learning Project

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