March 2010 Team Reports

If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.

Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

  • Meeting, 16-03-2010: no agenda items. Emmet Hikory promised an update to his proposal for developer membership.

Developer Membership Board

DMB Meeting, March 16th, 2010

  • Chair: Michael Bienia
  • Present: Colin Watson, Emmet Hikory, Stéphane Graber, Richard Johnson
  • Absent: Cody Somerville, Soren Hansen
  • Action review:
    • [ACTION] Richard Johnson, Soren Hansen and Colin Watson send the missing votes

  • MOTU Application: Angel Abad
    • Angel Abad's application is incomplete and there seems to be some misunderstandings about the process
    • [ACTION] Emmet Hikory contacts Angel Abad about his application

  • Ubuntu Core Developer Application: Benjamin Drung
    • After helping clearing the Ubuntu universe sponsoring queue, Benjamin plans to also help with the Ubuntu main sponsoring queue.
    • Approved: 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Welcome!
  • Chair for the next meeting: Richard Johnson (fallback: Stéphane Graber)

DMB Meeting, March 20th, 2010

  • Chair: Richard Johnson
  • Present: Colin Watson, Stéphane Graber, Cody Somerville, Soren Hansen
  • Absent: Emmet Hikory
  • Action Review:
    • [ACTION] Emmet Hikory to follow up on contacting Angel Abad about application

    • [ACTION] Remove DMB from Core Dev team, make it the owner and not a member. This way, becoming a DMB member doesn't automatically make you a Core Dev (Completed)

    • [ACTION] Set contact address for ~ubuntu-dev to ubuntu-reviews mailing list on James Westby filed a question on LP to ask a LOSA to disentangle the already registered contact address.

  • Per Package Upload (Linux Kernel): Leann Ogasawara
    • Leann recently transitioned from Kernel QA/Triage to a full Kernel developer position. Leann has been busy processing CVEs in regards to the kernel.
    • Approved: 5 for, 1 abstained. Welcome!
  • Ubuntu Core Developer Application: Jonathan Thomas
    • Jonathan is a Kubuntu developer and upstream KDE developer who has been doing an amazing job with his daily work on Kubuntu. Jonathan decided to apply for Core Developer due to some Kubuntu packages not being in the package set.
    • Waiting for approval: Votes as of 2010-03-30 @ 18:00 UTC are: 3 for, 3 abstained. Awaiting vote via email from Emmet Hikory
  • Char for the next meeting to be determined via mailing list
  • Log:

IRC Council

Irc Council Meeting, 13 March 2010

  • We don't have a definition of a 'core channel' and on what basis we decide whether or not to make a new channel core.
    • topyli to start discussion on the mailing list
  • We need a technical guide for operators
    • nhandler to create a wiki page for the guide
  • Connectability of LoCo operators. A key contact should be listed in the wiki, and at least one operator should idle in #ubuntu-irc

    • jussi01 to contact LoCos and the LoCo council to remind about updating wiki pages and request a contact to idle in #ubuntu-irc

  • Policy for long term problem users
    • In very rare cases, a user keeps disrupting Ubuntu channels continuously. We need to be able to deal with them
    • According to current policy, pre-emptive or blanket bans are not allowed, but this is not documented. The policy will not change. The policy will be documented in the operator guidelines.
    • The IRCC reserves the right to make exceptions in exceptional cases. This will be documented as well.
    • Pici to lead operator guidelines update.

Irc Council Meeting, 28 March 2010

  • Discuss what the floodbots are and are not for, why operators should not become reliant on them.
    • the operator guidelines should be updated with information regarding the floodbots
    • tsimpson to send an email to the mailing list with information on the floodbots
  • Define what our core channels are and what makes a channel 'core'.
    • topyli to add the definition of a "core channel" to the /IRC/IrcTeam/Scope wiki document

LoCo Council

This month the LoCo Council began using MootBot. We discussed our agenda items, giving links and updates on the Re-Approval Proccess. Here are the items that were discussed and a small description please see our archived agendahere for further information.

  • LoCo teams were asked to have their team contact update the chanops for their respective channels.

  • The IRC council also requested for chanops to idle in #ubuntu-irc.
  • Discussed LoCo Directory Access and Bug# 526800. LP dev folks would create a LP group for event-editors, default the event-director team to be the loco team.

  • The Russia Novosibirsk LoCo Team was up for approval and was asked by the LoCo Council re-apply in the future.

  • The Colorado Team was also asked to re-apply for their re-approval in the future.
  • The Indiana LoCo Team was voted on by the LoCo Council members that were present.

  • The Florida Team also were voted on by the LoCo Council members that were present.

The vote for the Indiana Team and Florida Team was continued by the council offline and we reached a positive quorom for both teams. The LoCo Council offered assistance in helping the teams re-apply in the future. El Salvador team will be handled for re-approval through the Mailing list.

Technical Board

  • Technical Board meeting, 2010-03-23
  • Technical Board meeting, 2010-03-09
    • Attendees: Mark Shuttleworth (chair), Colin Watson, Kees Cook, Martin Pitt, Scott James Remnant
    • Apologies: Matt Zimmerman
    • Guests: Daniel Holbach, Emmet Hikory, Jonathan Riddell
    • Archive reorganisation
      • DanielHolbach: merge ubuntu-universe-sponsors and ubuntu-main-sponsors (Discussion)

        • Awaiting list creation (Canonical sysadmin ticket:

        • Mark clarified that per-package upload permissions should not depend on having made a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu, but should rather simply depend on one's credible skills to do that work; as such, they should not necessarily confer membership
        • Our current model expects both credibility and significant-and-sustained: per-package uploaders are added to ubuntu-dev, conferring Ubuntu membership, and are electors for the TB and DMB

        • Emmet will write something up based on these guidelines for further discussion among the CC and TB
    • Kubuntu updates policy
      • No change upstream yet; Jonathan needs to tidy it up, answer some queries, and get agreement
      • [ACTION] Riddell to get agreement with KDE on point release criteria
    • Units policy - Check up on feedback from Debian TC
      • Nothing new here; Bdale sent this on but it hasn't got traction.
      • The Board discussed the policy at some length, with initial dissent; we dropped "must" to "may" for shell scripts on the basis that it is often better to leave small programs robust and simple than to add complexity to them, and we added a third and preferred file size possibility of just showing base-10, since it is often not desirable to add options everywhere.
      • The priority is to harmonise the GUI and fix obvious sources of confusion there, not to spend lots of effort on the long tail for little gain.
      • With these modifications, the Board voted unanimously in favour of the units policy.
    • Community bugs
    • Discuss

      • The Board voted unanimously in favour of the Edubuntu Council assuming responsibility for edubuntu-dev, and permitting that team to upload packages in the edubuntu package set.

      • [ACTION] cjwatson to implement edubuntu-dev delegations
    • The Board agreed that the meeting chair should henceforth rotate alphabetically by IRC nick, to save time on deciding who should be the next chair.
    • Chair for next meeting: Colin Watson

Ubuntu Development Teams

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for March, 2010

This has been our best month ever.

Thanks to the combined team efforts, Lucid Lynx is shaping up to be the best release ever.

Bug Triage

  • Thanks to the assistance of a Gnumeric upstream developer, many bugs were fixed or marked as fix-committed. The efforts of Andreas Guelzow (gnumeric developer) has been outstanding.
  • Bug-triage has caught up on most of the old bugs. We are in the process of forwarding upstream those bugs that should be.

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • Testing of the Alpha3 pre-release of Lucid Lynx was completed. Several bugs were discovered and fixed. Thanks to all those that participated in testing to make Lucid a really great LTS release.
  • Alpha3 of Lucid Lynx released on February 25.
  • Beta1 of Lucid Lynx released on March 19 after extensive testing.

Artwork and marketing

  • A new branding and logo theme was announced. This is to keep Xubuntu aligned with Ubuntu's announcement of the new light branding theme. The new logo is still WIP.
  • A new website mockup was done.
  • Albatross 0.2 from Shimmer is now in Lucid.


Preparations are underway for Ubuntu Developer Summit taking place at Dolce La Hulpe Hotel and Resort in Brussels, Belgium from the 10 – 14 May 2010.


Mobile Team


  • The team welcomed a new platform.
  • Images are becoming increasingly stable.
  • Web based office support is now available.
  • Testing efforts heat up.


  • Images have endured a turbulent time this month with several FTBFS's, packages out of sync and general breakage resulting in image generation being 'hit-and-miss'. Towards the end of the month regular images were being produced and were of good quality.
  • Both iMX51 and Dove images have be plagued with sound issues. Investigations into pulse audio are still ongoing but no definitive solution, or even culprit has been identified yet.
  • Open Office still caused problems this month. Working closely with ARM, the team produced and tested various fixes.
  • Much testing occurred as this month saw a move from Alpha-3 to Beta-1 and Beta-2 was just around the corner. Our testing team did a stellar job of shaking out the major bugs and all images are now pretty stable.
  • Big news this month was that we are supporting the OMAP platform. Coming late in the cycle the team didn't expect to have a perfect image come April 29th but efforts began to make a Beagle Board installable image available.

Blueprint Work

  • This month saw the work on web office integration land in the images. This project allows documents (docs, presentations, spreadsheets) to be view online using Zoho's web API ( To the user, this integration is seamless. When a local document is clicked on it is sent to Zoho and a web browser is launched with the newly uploaded document, ready for editing. When finished, the user clicks the 'export' button and the document is saved back to the local device. This also works with web links and email attachments. The application also has menu entries to launch the service with an empty document. A few little items need to be resolved but essential its working fine.

  • A decision was made to not carry Canola as an alternative media player this cycle. Confusion about how the project will progress upstream and some outstanding issues with the software itself meant that this will be re-investigated for the next cycle.


  • Images are becoming more stable after initial hiccups, we welcomed a new platform and blueprint work is coming to an end, it must be nearly release time.

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Asturian Team

  • Days of asturian language and education by Presentation of Edubuntu in Asturian. Pictures: 1, 2, 3,

4, 5, 6.

Catalan Team

  • March 1st: LoCo irc meeting. Preparing Global Jam and merchandising.

  • March 2nd: T-shirt design competition on wiki.

  • March 16th: LoCo irc meeting. Ubuntu Global Jam last details and Lucid Lynx release party speeches.

  • March 17th-19th: Three installations of Ubuntu at IES Torre Vicens of Lleida.
  • March 23rd-24th: Advanced internet user sessions: free software and Ubuntu at the Library of Caldes de Montbui.
  • March 27th: Ubuntu Global Jam in Barcelona.

Ecuador Team

  • Ubuntu Ecuador participa en el lanzamiento del proyecto bibliotecas libres en Ecuador. Fotos Aquí

  • Lista la comunidad Quipux, ayudamos en el codigo de ética y lineamientos comunitarios.
  • Participamos en el cuarto encuentro cayambeño de Software Libre. Fotos Aquí

Irish Team

Moldova Team

Russian Team

Kuban Team

  • We are continuing to spread distributions Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS.

  • We also pass out topical monthly snap-shot Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS repositories.
  • The preparations for the implementation to create a typical automated information management system for business (SMB) based on Ubuntu LTS distributions, are at the finish line. The official start of the project is scheduled for April 13, 2010, the first anniversary of the Kuban community.

  • We have started activities to prepare for the first anniversary of the Kuban LoCo, including:

    • To ensure the coordination and action to spread distribution and customer support designed jabber conference kuban-ubuntu on the server;

    • Work on the creation of "cloud" service based on the UEC for the participants of Kuban Ubuntu community has begun. Tentative start trial operation of service: 13/04/2010;

    • The group have started the preparations for the adoption of the Kuban Ubuntu community in the real (officially approved) Ubuntu Local Community (LoCo);

    • We have started discussions on proposals for events associated with the anniversary of the Kuban community and the Ubuntu 10.04 release on a community forum.


South African Team

It great to be back doing things again after a long break.

  • We have been having Ubuntu hour in Stellenbosch thanks to Maia

  • Very successful Global Jam
    • +- 20 people attended.
    • Focused on Bug report, Translations, Lucid upgrades/Installs, Brief over view of packaging and much more.
    • Report backs Maia, drubin, david robert lewis

    • Posters were created for the Global JamAfrikaans English

  • Helge hosted a Free Software Day in Stellenbosch thanks to Rudolf for the posters. Poster 1 Poster2

  • Gave Ubuntu introduction to 50 school kids at UCT Algorithm Circle's Python course; distributed {U,Ku}buntu CDs

Tunisian Team

United States Teams

California Team

Chicago Team

* Chicago Team Monthly IRC Meeting 2010-03-01

  • Prepare initial plans for Ubuntu Global Jam

  • Decide not to create a wiki page listing team member specialties

* Begin initial planning for Lucid release party

District of Columbia Team

Florida Team

March was an extremely busy month for the Florida team. We held only one meeting and the logs can be found here. We worked through the re-approval process and gained re-approval status. Other highlights of March:

  • A lot of development and testing has been done on the LoCo Directory, and the Directory is starting to become even more heavily utilised.

  • Another Space Coast Meetup was held on March 25th (approximately 10 in attendance).
  • Membership increased, and some new faces have been participating in IRC.

Iowa Team

New York State Team


  • 3-4 7pm - 9pm Ubuntu LoCo Event in Rochester - Linux Networking Basics

  • 3-18 7pm - 9pm Lugor meeting attended by several members of the team - Discussion of emacs, vi(m) and joe
  • 3-25 7am - 3pm Ubuntu LoCo manned a booth and gave a presentation at EdTech Day 2010 @ Ithaca College

  • 3-27 10am - 6pm Ubuntu LoCo team had an in-person and streamed Global Jam event


  • 3-16 9pm - 10pm team meeting (IRC)

North Carolina Team

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

  • akgraner and internalkernel - set up - still a work in progress
  • Call for NC LoCo Team Bloggers to send in info for links to their blogs to be added to NC LoCo Team Planet

  • jcg2 gave presentation on NC LoCo to GCLUG on March 9

  • Held Ubuntu Hours in Asheville and Winston-Salem

  • NC LoCo Team wiki pages reorg in prep for LoCo Team Approval

  • Held two LoCo team IRC meetings to finalize plans on LoCo Team Approval

    • March 4th Meeting
    • March 18th Meeting
  • akgraner spoke at WNCLUG group about "How to encourage Non-Technical End Users (NTEU) to participate in your technical organization"
  • Celebrated Ada Lovelace Day

Ohio Team

Venezuela Team

Zimbabwe Team

Ubuntu Beginners Team

* Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2010-03-03

  • Decide to create a small group to look into a more inclusive method of holding votes
  • Agree that we would not like to move to a method of voting on issues that concern team structure or team leadership positions that requires a percentage of total team members.
  • Agree that #ubuntu-beginners-team will be a more social environment - #cabaret will be deprecated - #ubuntu-beginners-team will not be logged
  • Agree to start the election process for a new Council and new Focus Group leaders.

* Complete nomination period for elections and begin accepting votes.

Ubuntu Classroom Team

Ubuntu Women Team

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