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Ubuntu Developer Week

Welcome to the Ubuntu Developer Week! We will have one week of action-packed sessions from Sep 1st to Sep 5th!

In just two years, Ubuntu has become the most popular Linux distribution in the world with millions of users and a spot regularly at the top of Distrowatch. Ever wondered how Ubuntu development works? How to get involved yourself? Find out from Sep 1st to Sep 5th!

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Ubuntu Developer Week is a series of online workshops where you can:

  • learn about different packaging techniques
  • find out more about different development teams
  • check out the efforts of the world-wide Development Community
  • participate in open Q&A sessions with Ubuntu developers

  • much more...

The Timetable

Mon 1st Sep

Tue 2nd Sep

Wed 3rd Sep

Thu 4th Sep

Fri 5th Sep

16.00 UTC

Packaging 101 -- DanielHolbach (dholbach)

How do I fix an Ubuntu bug? -- DanielHolbach (dholbach)

bzr for packaging -- JamesWestby (james_w)

Automated Testing for the Desktop -- AraPulido (ara)

Ask Matt -- MattZimmerman (mdz)

17.00 UTC

Upstream Bug Linkages -- JorgeCastro (jcastro)

Introduction to BZR -- DavidFutcher (bobbo)

How do I update a package properly -- CesareTirabassi (norsetto)

How do I fix an Ubuntu bug? -- DanielHolbach (dholbach)

Unit testing Python code, with code coverage measurement -- LarsWirzenius (liw)

18.00 UTC

Introduction to MOTU -- IulianUdrea (iulian)

Kernel module packaging with DKMS -- MarioLimonciello (superm1)

Introduction to PPAs -- CelsoProvidelo (cprov)

A WebKit Browser in PyKDE -- JonathanRiddell (Riddell)

Introduction to the Installer Team -- EvanDandrea (evand)

19.00 UTC

Soyuz and all that Jazz -- CelsoProvidelo (cprov)

Using The Launchpad Web Service API LeonardRichardson (leonardr) and BarryWarsaw (barry)

Introduction to the ServerTeam -- MathiasGug (mathiaz)

Having fun with the MozillaTeam -- AlexanderSack

Introduction to the Ubuntu Security Team -- KeesCook (kees) and JamieStrandboge (jdstrand)

20.00 UTC

Working with Ubuntu<->GNOME QA (tips&tricks) PedroVillavicencio (pedro_)

Launchpad Hacks BrianMurray (bdmurray)

Various ways to patch a package -- ChristopheSauthier (huats) and DidierRoche (didrocks)

How to avoid making Archive Admins unhappy -- SteveLangasek (slangasek)

Kernel Discussion BenCollins (BenC)