November 2009 Team Reports

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Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

  • Specified term length of members of Regional Membership Boards to be 2 years.

Forum Council

LoCo Council

MOTU Council

  • Meeting 2009-11-13:
    • Mackenzie Morgan was voted into the MOTU team.
    • Charlie Smotherman was recommended for upload rights for Quickplay, Upnp-Inspector and Pylirc.
    • David Henningsson was voted into the Contributing Developers team.
  • Meeting 2009-11-26:
    • Evan Broder joined the MOTU team.
    • Alberto Milone was recommended for Core-Dev.
    • Adrian Perez was recommended for upload rights for azureus, eclipse and swt-gtk.

Technical Board

  • Technical Board meeting, 2009-11-03
    • Review actions from last meeting
      • jono to finalise DMB: discussions have been documented, the new MOTU-preservation movement may add to it but it's under way and documented at

      • Keybuk to drive units policy to completion and vote by e-mail: no new information

      • cjwatson to drive vote on Archive Reorg rights for ubuntu-desktop and mythbuntu in email: deferred

      • smoser to formulate ARI / AKI / AMI update policy, and work on system to find right root filesystem: done. ACTION: Scott Moser to continue working on a system to find the right root filesystem

    • Archive reorganization:
      • A DMB meeting was held which made progress unblocking some issues.
      • MC have expressed a desire to retain MOTU in some form
        • [ACTION] sabdfl will engage with MC
    • Python packaging in Debian and Ubuntu
      • Steve McIntyre and sabdfl discussed convening TB and DTC to see if consensus can be reached

      • TB agrees to participate
        • [ACTION] sabdfl will draft invitation with steve mcintyre
    • Community Bugs: none this week
    • Next meeting: pitti to chair
  • Technical Board meeting, 2009-11-17:
    • Archive reorganization:
      • Upload delegation for ubuntu-desktop: Approved
      • [ACTION]: Martin to talk to Jonathan about making DMB an admin of kubuntu-dev (done now), and to announce new members to devel-permissions@ and kubuntu team list
      • [ACTION] Martin to talk to Mario about adding DMB as admin of ~mythbuntu-dev and add wiki page about new member procedure
      • Upload delegation for ubuntu-desktop: Approved
      • Upload delegation for kubuntu-dev: Approved pending fixes from above
      • Upload delegation for mythbubuntu-dev: Approved pending fixes from above
      • [ACTION] Colin to document edit_acl invocation for setting team upload delegation
      • [ACTION] Colin to implement delegations for these three teams after above fixes
    • Units Policy:
      • [ACTION] Scott to redraft Units policy to address Scott's and Matt's concerns and clean up language
    • Change of Ubuntu Translations permission policy: approved; Martin changed the permissions on Launchpad and asked David Planella to announce to -translators@.
    • 10.04 LTS release plan:
      • updated wiki page to point out that different products might have different LTS states
      • LTS status for Kubuntu 10.04 is currently being discussed at UDS
      • In the future we will clearly announce which products have which LTS status at the beginning of the cycle, so that developers and customers can plan better
    • Ubuntu Licensing Policy:
      • [ACTION] Colin to clarify trademark/license distinction on licensing policy
    • Execute Permission Policy:
      • The current policy will not handle all potential cases, such as OO.o macros or application cases which wer are unaware of
      • Colin: we should point out an alternative approach instead of just saying "No"
      • current impact: kill GNOME desktop "do you want to run it anyway?" question, remove a few MIME handlers
      • To be continued in the next meeting
    • deferred, out of time

    • DMB items: deferred, out of time; [ACTION] Martin to announce DMB meeting next week
    • Check on community bugs: None
    • Chair for next meeting: Kees

Ubuntu Development Teams

Xubuntu Team

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Asturian Team

Conference and Install Party in Uviéu 1:

  • 20 November - 19:00: Conference about Ubuntu & Free Software.

  • 21 November - 9:00-14:00 and 15:00-21:00: Install Party Ubuntu 9.10.

Cameroonian Team

Catalan Team

Chilean Team

Czech Team

Danish Team

Ecuador Team

German Kubuntu Team

Greek Team

Honduras Team

Irish Team

  • Face to face meet up on Thursday 5th of November with ILUG in the Longstone.

  • Regular Monthly IRC Meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Tuesday 10th November 2009.

  • Two LoCo events are in the planing stages, Ice skating and Limerick event.

  • A member of our LoCo was recently appointed to the LoCo Council. Congratulations to Laura Czajkowski on her appointment.

  • Two members of the Irish LoCo attended UDS-L czajkowski and shanepatrickfagan

  • Initiated the Qt on Rails project - currently a research project to see the feasibility of building a Rails based development framework for Kubuntu/KDE/Qt development. Feedback in progress from the KDE-Bindings mailing list.

Japanese Team

Korean Team

Lithuanian Team

Nicaraguan Team

Norwegian team

Romanian Team

Russian Team

The Team


  • Karmic translation, bugfixing, work with upstream.


  • Working on portal: redesign and integration of resources.

Kuban Team

  • We are distributing Ubuntu 9.10 and 8.04.3 LTS as well as repositories for Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS.
  • We had started preparations for the project of typical automated information management system for business (SMB) based on Ubuntu LTS distributions.
  • There was first meeting with reps of Innovative Technologies Laboratory of Kuban State Technological University (KSTU).

  • We agreed to start preparations of holding in KSTU an Ubuntu Install Party in December 2009.

Saratov Team


South African Team

Tunisian Team

United States Teams

US Teams Project

California Team

Chicago Team


New York State Team



  • 11-16-2009
    • New officers elected: Charles Profitt (cprofitt) elected President, Jeremy Austin-Bardo (ausimage) elected Vice-president, Landon (slick666) elected treasurer, Brian (hal14450) elected secretary.
    • Bi-Annual Release Party results discussed
    • Planning started for 10.04 release party
    • cprofitt's presentation at NYSCATE was discussed

Ohio Team

Pennsylvania Team

Zimbabwe Team

Ubuntu Beginners Team

* Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2009-11-04

  • Decide to open up Team Report to Focus Groups as a way to keep the rest of the team and the entire Ubuntu community informed about their activities.
  • Agree that members should be required to join the mailing list and that padawans will be strongly encouraged to join the list.
  • Starcraftman is now the Wiki FG lead

  • duanedesign is now the lead for the Launchpad FG

  • stlsaint joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He has been studying servers and virtualization. He frequently gives support in -help, does wiki work, and Launchpad answers.

  • sblunix joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He is really involved in the Ubuntu community forums. He is also a member of the Wiki FG.

  • Ms_Angel_D joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. She actively helps people with their installs. She maintains a blog, contributes to the wiki and the forums. She is also founder of the Ubuntu Network

* Launchpad Focus Group

Ubuntu NGO Team

  • We had a great discussion about the goals of the team at UDS and there was a lot of interest in it.
  • One of the goals discussed was to separate our activities into "Advocacy", "Documentation" and "technical contributions to Ubuntu" and assign contacts for those activities.
  • Daniel Holbach reworked the wiki to the new structure.

Ubuntu Women Team

Ubuntu Community Learning Project

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