October 2010 Team Reports


If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.

Ubuntu Governance

Americas Regional Membership Board

The approval results from the October 21st Americas Membership meeting are as follows:

Community Council

Developer Membership Board

Developer Membership Board meeting 2010-10-11 19:00 UTC

  • Chair: Michael Bienia
  • Present: Cody A.W. Somerville, Colin Watson, Stéphane Graber, Soren Hansen
  • Absent: Emmet Hikory
  • Action review:
    • [ACTION] Cody Somerville to send e-mail requesting feedback from developers on Marco Rodrigues application to participate in Ubuntu Development. (→ Didn't happen yet.)

  • Administrative Matters
    • Review Marco Rodrigues participation in Ubuntu Development
      • Further discussion on how to proceed with Marco's request. Deferred without any decision to the next meeting.
  • MOTU Applications
  • Next meeting
    • Date: October 25th 2010, 12:00 UTC
    • Chair: TBD

Meeting Log

EMEA Regional Membership Board

Forum Council

IRC Council

  • Ubuntu IRC Council Meeting 2010-10-09

    • Attendance: nhandler (chair), Seeker`, jussi, topyli, tsimpson, rww, Tm_T, ikonia, IdleOne

    • [TOPIC] -offtopic 'support' discussion policy
      • Agreed to defer discussion about the policy until the next meeting due to Pici not being around
    • [TOPIC] All core channel ops should have +o in -ops
      • Agree to treat #ubuntu-ops like other core channels in need of more OPs at least until core-ops are setup
      • It was felt that midnight to 9am UK time is the general area needing more OPs
      • nhandler to send out email about recruiting OPs for #ubuntu-ops
    • [TOPIC] Copying access list of #ubuntu to #ubuntu+1
      • Agreed that being an #ubuntu operator also grants operator access in #ubuntu+1
      • tsimpson to document change on the OP application wiki page, send email to ML, update access lists, and update teams on LP
    • nhandler to do post-meeting tasks
  • IRC Council meeting 31 Oct 2010
    • Attendance: topyli (chair), nhandler, Pici, tsimpson
    • TOPIC: Failure to document blanket ban policy
      • ACTION: Pici to document ikonia's namespace ban proposal
    • TOPIC: Failure to respond / follow up on pending actions
      • Discussed delegation, mailing list responsiveness, and related items. Council admits slowness.
    • TOPIC: High level council overviews
      • Discussed current council's activity
      • Pointed out the Team Reports exist
    • TOPIC: Discussion about approved/non-approved shell hosts access to Ubuntu channels (revisit)
      • ACTION: topyli to send formal agreement to ikonia's suggestion on mailing list
    • TOPIC: Clearing the ban list
      • Decided to clear all old bans without comments on them, giving ops a week's grace time to document important bans
      • ACTION: nhandler to send mail about the sweep

LoCo Council

Technical Board

  • Meeting 2010-10-05
    • Chair: Colin Watson
    • Present: Kees Cook, Matt Zimmerman, Martin Pitt
    • Apologies: Mark Shuttleworth
    • Guests: Michael Vogt, Jamie Strandboge
    • Action review
      • Martin Pitt to ask Martin Pool about bzr self test instructions on installed system -- DONE

      • Kees to add bzr selftest to qa-regression-testing project -- DONE

      • Martin to add bzr microrelease exception to StableReleasePolicy -- DONE

    • Decide/document ubuntu-archive interaction with ARB packages
      • Michael Vogt confirmed that extras.ubuntu.com is a mirror of a PPA owned by the ARB, which means that ubuntu-archive will have no direct interaction with it as it stands.
      • [ACTION] Colin to ensure that documentation on nature of extras.ubuntu.com archive makes it into process docs, and ensure that ARB legality checks are synchronised with those of ubuntu-archive
    • Decide on permission changes documented in 174375 - Matt Zimmerman

      • The TB voted in favour of Brian's proposal.
      • Martin noted that bug targeting needs to be more open than just release managers (Brian's proposal asks that it shouldn't exclude uploaders). There was no disagreement. The main goal here is to separate the blueprint and bug permissions currently aggregated into ubuntu-drivers.
      • [ACTION] Matt to follow up with Brian on 174375

    • Chromium security updates (continuation of previous discussion)
      • General consensus seems to be that we can drop the seven-day waiting period on promotion to -updates for chromium-browser, but should not drop -proposed and some kind of verification.
      • While this still seems too immature for main, the security team will need to treat it essentially like the non-free Flash plugin: it's universe and therefore theoretically unsupported by the security team, but in practice we know lots of people use it and act accordingly, running updates through all the usual checklists. Regressions on individual web pages and such won't merit a USN, though.
      • Jamie says that qa-regression-testing has a semi-automatic script which should catch any huge issues here.
      • The board is currently awaiting a proposal from the principal uploader, Fabien Tassin, and a formal vote will wait for that.
    • No new community bugs to look at
    • Next chair: Kees Cook

Ubuntu Development Teams

Reviewers Team

Kubuntu Team

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for October, 2010

Bug Triage

  • Still squashing bugs. This will be an on-going process.

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • We tested Maverick Meerkat Release Candidate with good results.
  • We released Xubuntu 10.10 on time.
  • Inclusion of Xfce 4.7.x (future 4.8) is being worked on in natty.

Website & Marketing


  • We still need a good plymouth theme.
  • Charlie is working with the Ubuntu Artwork Team to draw a specification for xubuntu artwork in Natty Narwhal.


  • We are striving to get more users to blog about Xubuntu. We would like to keep word out of the changes being made, as well as new releases.
  • We are attempting to submit new articles to Ubuntu Weekly News at least once a month about Xubuntu.


Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Argentina Team

Asturian Team

Belgian Team

  • October 1st: finished our first ever Team report (for September) Wink ;-)

  • October 10th: booth at Computer Fair in Kortrijk

  • October 17th: booth at Computer Fair in Brugge

  • October 17th: install fest @ the offices of De Wereld Morgen (social news site). Thanks folks! Also photos.

  • Weekly IRC meetings for coordination on October 07th, 14th and 28th

  • Further work has been done on the drupal module that integrates our support points map into the Drupal-based site (no map yet, but that's being worked on, and the data backend is there)

  • The new site layout based on the new Ubuntu branding is being tested on the "staging" server now.
  • Preparing for demo/talk @ Zeus computer club of UGent (Ghent University).

Cameroonian Team

Canadian Team

Catalan Team

Chilean Team

Ubuntu Colombia

Danish Team

Ecuador Team

French Team

  • October 2nd - Premier Samedi in Paris. This is a multi-distribution small install fest where around 60 people come to get help configuring and installing their Linux system.

  • October 3rd - Working session to coordinate task to be done before announcing November Ubuntu Party in Paris (meeting information)

  • October 4th - weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • October 7th - releasing new forum theme : http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/

  • October 10th - Release party in a restaurant in Paris, with around 42 guests (invitation)

  • October 11th - weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • October 17th - Ubuntu Party organisation meeting and working session (minutes)

  • October 18th - weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • October 18th and 19th - Working session on packaging Ubuntu French Edition CD for shipment
  • October 22nd - Release party in a restaurant in Lyon (invitation)

  • October 25th - weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • October 26th - Ubuntu Party organisation meeting on IRC #ubuntu-fr-meeting (minutes)

  • October 31st - Ubuntu Party organisation meeting and working session (topics)

German Kubuntu Team

Greek Team

  • Attendance of Athens Digital Week 2010 (http://www.athensdigitalweek.org/)

  • Forum's poll on success of transition to 10.10 here (in Greek - translation provided on request)

  • Addition of some more translations to team's wiki, translators busy both in lp and upstream, attempt begun to get closer to 100%.
  • Community members participate in Ubuntu manual project.
  • Preparing for Xmas with the first set of season cards (example)

  • ChaniaLUG (in Crete) organised a party 30/10, 14 members attended, had fun with food and drink and distribution of 10.10 CDs

Honduras Team

Hungarian Team

  • Presenting at the Software Freedom Day at Szeged on Ubuntu (October 8): Photo 1, Photo 2

  • Presentations at the LOK (Linux in the Education Conference) at Budapest (October 16): Flickr

  • Maverick Meerkat Release Party after the LOK on October 16
  • Three new learning modules have been added to the Hungarian Ubuntu Education Portal (OpenOffice.org Writer, OpenOffice.org Calc, Operating System Basics): edu.ubuntu.hu

  • The number of registered users on ubuntu.hu has surpassed 19200
  • We had our monthly IRC meeting on the first Thursday of the month as usual: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HungarianTeam/IRCMeetings

  • We regularly updated our loco site with the latest news: http://ubuntu.hu

  • We did various translation-related tasks

Ubuntu Ireland

  • On Sunday 10th of October, we had a release party to celebrate Maverick Meerkat. We started off in Jimmy Chung's for a Chinese Buffet. Followed by a trip to the The Market Bar,. To add a bit if fun to the day we had a ubuntu quiz. Questions from the quiz are here. A nice write up is here. Photos here. And we had cake :).

  • Regular Monthly IRC Meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 20th October 2010.

  • On Wednesday 27th of October the Dublin Ubuntu the Dublin took place at the new time of 19:00 in the Trinity Capital Hotel.

  • On Thursday 28th of October the LimerickUbuntu Hour took place in the Absolute Hotel at 18:00.

  • A member of our loco, czajkowski headed off to UDS-N

Ubuntu Israel

  • We are going to unite the DB from the old and new forums.
  • We are going to keep our cooperation with the Ilan Ramon center to help them with ubuntu and more stuff.
  • We got a donation of 100 shekels (about 20 EURO).

Japanese Team

Korean Team

Nicaraguan Team

Norwegian team

Philippine Team

Quebec Team

Romanian Team

Russian Team

Serbian Team

South African Ubuntu team

Swiss Team

Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team

Ubuntu United Kingdom LoCo Team

United States Teams

US Teams Project

Ubuntu California

Team meetings:

Team changes:

Release parties:

Ubuntu Hours:

Other events:

Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team

District of Columbia Team

Florida LoCo Team

Iowa Team

New York State Team


  • 2010 10 23 12pm - 4pm cws, deejoe and cprofitt will co-sponsor a Linux Workshop with Interlock Rochester
  • 2010 10 25 through 30 - cprofitt attended UDS



Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

Ohio Team

Pennsylvania Team

Virginia Team

Washington Team

Ubuntu Venezuela Team

Vietnamese Team

Zimbabwe Team

Additional Ubuntu Teams

Ubuntu Accessibility Team

Accessibility Team Report for October 2010

Ubuntu Beginners Team

  • Regular monthly meeting on September 14, 2010 (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings/20100914) - 8 members in attendance, 48 minutes long, with nhandler holding the chair.

    • https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw gained member status;

    • https://wiki.ubuntu.com/shredder12's membership vote was moved to the mailing list;

    • Applications were opened for the position of "Mentorship Administrator" - a person that takes care of the mentor list each month and has mentors provide monthly status reports. (addresses duanedesign's agenda item of "Improving Mentor Program")
  • Development Focus Group membership applications were opened - applications done through the relative Launchpad team

Ubuntu Classroom Team

Ubuntu NGO Team

Ubuntu Women Team

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