Shiki-Human Mod

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Shiki-Human Mod

It's a little bit dark and has smooth light colors. These are only a few attributes of the Shiki-Colors Theme. But I was unsatisfied with the Murrine-SVN-Mod. To my mind the theme was too flat and therefore boring. So I decided to modify the Theme a little bit to make it more attractive.

Those, who don't like it glassy should tell me. The gummy-style would look good too.



  • Scrollbar-Steppers are visible
  • A glassy style added to each widget
  • Toolbar gradient
  • Bold text removed
  • Shiki-Colors-Metacity is now called Shiki-Human
  • rounded Panel-toggle buttons
  • selected menu-items use the original @selected_bg_color (before it was "shade (0.85, @selected_bg_color)")
  • instead of gnome-human icons Humanity icons are used

Humanity Icons

Of course you can use the icon-theme you like, but this theme will use the Humanity Icons by default.

Here you can download.


Shiki-Human_tn.pngFull Size
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