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Name: Human skin

Author: Daniel Planas

Version: 1.0

Coments:based on original ubuntu human theme

Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0



* Unificated windows(look and feel the same as Mac OSX)

* modern and clean

* sensitive to changes in color(not pixmap resources!only engines)

* Based in original Human murrine theme(Intrepid Ibex version)

* compatible with Open Office, Firefox and Evolution.

* It uses the default two-panel configuration of GNOME. Not only is it proven functional, but people have been used to this and it would be awful to break their expectations. No AWN docks or anything fancy.

* It is visually neutral. The window decorations are not orange or brown.

This is the essence of human skin


* Contrast between window and panel: increased productivity and beauty, and compiz should help to verify the active window of the inactive


the first image shows to choose the window border, I have designed four models:

* The first is the human eye

* The second option is that the boys have used to unify kde4 windows without losing usability

* the third is using the theme darkroom. I think that is the most consistent

* the fourth is a theft of mac OS with a line delineating the toolbar. I feel a bit ugly

Gtk Widgets

1 and 2 :so that the window is more unified without being flat, we can use color gardients produced by the engine themes. The objective is to achieve unified and beautiful windows

3: the butons art light when you pass the mouse



Windows and borders

Menus and progressbars


2.0 "Regeneration"

theme: Download now


-clean code:less than 500 lines

-more fast

-radiocheck buttons are black on prelight

-add(fix)nautilus sidebar colors


Maybe make a combination of 1 and 3, creating a gradient for the background of the titlebar that extends the full height but softer at the edges.

I like it. Every UI window I have ever seen has the min/max buttons When double clicking the title bar performs the same action I think they just create clutter. -- davidholland1989 2009-04-29 08:33:28

Which wallpaper do you use in the first HumanSkin Picture. Tell me please.


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