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OpenOffice splash screen is relly simple and not so nice, even the original Sun splash is better. Also, in the main view of OO.o there's a screen side that need to be branded.


Adding a realistic icon and keeping consistency with Ubuntu main parts. This work and other I'll do, will be based on the Ubuntu GDM theme and Splash screen. This will guarantee consistency between item on the system.

All is under GPL or Creative Commons.

Full size

"Note: The full size image is a full source Adobe Fireworks file, so feel free to modify it."


OpenOffice dock icons:


  • It looks really good, especially the subtle blending used for the background. Maybe align the main text with the centre of the image and and arrange the Sun and Ubuntu logos in a different way, it makes it look a little cluttered. -- ian-hutchinson 2009-07-21 15:24:45

  • The shading in the background is really nice, I think the icons are a little to bright and the "ubuntu" text is a little to suttle. The sun logo is almost invisible. It's still really good though. -- philippevoinov 2009-07-31 22:44:30

    • It was too hard to find a nice iconset for OpenOffice (even Eclipse has a beautiful one). Dael99.

  • Does the splash screen really need to have either or both the Ubuntu and Sun logos on it? The user isn't likely to forget what distribution they're using, and having so much text on the splash looks cluttered. The Sun logo could use a little bit of lightening up; the "microsystems" text is almost unreadable. Loose the (c) in the copyright text. The character 'c' surrounded by parentheses has no legal meaning. Either change it to a proper copyright symbol or leave it out; it's really not needed with the word "Copyright" directly following. If the OOo license permits (which it might; I've seen a text-less OOo splash in Mandriva), you might even loose the copyright text on the splash altogether; minimalism is good. Wink ;-) Looks pretty decent otherwise; good work. --Frem

    • I didn't know we could leave those items out. So... expect something new soon.


I've created a few different suggestions ( - here is one:

Full size -- MadsRH 2022-11-29 01:33:23


*I just want to point out that the OO.o logo is not licensed under an open license. The rest of the splash screen can be modified but the logo must stay has is. seb.


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