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A new refreshing hybrid theme with deep rich brown color with a modern appeal while retaining usability.


Create a truly unique and modern theme for the Ubuntu Desktop.



Desktop Clean


A Match Made in Heaven?


New Metacity Buttons






The Widget Factory



This theme has been largely inspired by the Dust Theme, which I have had the pleasure of having my recent murrine modifications comitted to trunk.


The metacity is based off New Wave and should present a unified flow from metacity to menubar leaving a nice gradient top metacity.


  • Skype = Dark text on dark menu
  • The blue colour of the nautilus "more" widget (the thing at the top that is shown in the trash) doesn't match to the rest of the theme. --benii89
    • Could you please file a bug Bug Report and attach a screenshot to the report? I'll work on getting any issues resolved. -- dashua 2023-12-06 07:59:26

      • Bug report submitted. --benii89
        • Fixed Smile :)

  • Thank you for your efforts so far! =) I've submitted another bug report in the meantime. If you have any questions, tell me!

    • Please bzr pull from trunk. I think you will be quite pleased. Icons by mac_v Smile :)


Source : Launchpad

This theme utilizes the latest murrine engine 0.90.3 and pixbuf engine.

Icon Set Breathe

Wallpaper : Modification of Motionwood



Hanso GTK Theme v0.3


Hanso GTK Theme v0.4

* Change metacity restore icons from arrows to squares

* Disable dark totem widget until a fix for dark text in combo box

* Changed unfocused metacity text to match dark fg[INSENSITIVE]

* Test fg[INSENSITIVE] to match insensitive icons on dark toolbar

* Fix fg[INSENSITIVE] text dark and light toolbar (LP: #424807).

* Add new metacity icons by mac_v which are larger and more distinct (LP: #424025).

* Fix blue color nautilus-location (LP: #424014).

* Workaround murrine bug for dotted line X-Chat users widget

* Disable rgba transparency

* Metacity desaturate corner and top highlights


  • One word: Brilliant! Please make Hanso the default theme for Karmic Koala - the colours match perfectly to Ubuntu's new splash screen.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Please take a look at this blog post and vote unofficially New Themes Vote. I'm thinking about posting a forum thread or announcement to the mailing list as possibly inclusion into gnome-themes-ubuntu. It was recently included in the community-themes for testing and so far, so good. The community reception has been extremely positive. As far as default, that is in the hands of Canonical. The integration was coincidental up to this point, but it really truly is an amazing integration. Thanks again. -- dashua 2023-12-06 07:59:26


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