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Backgrounds for Karmic

For Karmic we would like to include a set of high quality desktop backgrounds which are organized according to a predefined set of adjectives which describe emotional atmospheres, slogans (so to speak) for the way an image makes you feel.

In order to accomplish this we call on anyone and everyone to submit images which are freely licensed and follow the guidelines for inclusion.

The default desktop background for Karmic

We are looking for help with the default background, a design brief with more information can be found here. Any and all questions should be directed to me.

-- kwwii 2009-05-15 12:46:46


Submissions that don't follow these rules will be removed:

  • Copyright: you can't use material without explicit permission or a license that allows editing and redistribution. Always give attribution and follow all license terms.
  • Background images must be attached to the relevant submissions page (no external links for reliability and archival reasons).
  • For reference images, links to external images are acceptable, if you can be reasonably sure they stay in place. You have to use links to external images, if redistribution isn't permitted.
  • Background images on this page must appear in a 300 pixel wide version, followed by a link to the full size version. This gives each single submission roughly the same space for fairness and reduces page load time and the need for scrolling.
  • For references, plain text links with no preview are sufficient and help to keep the page clear.

Images without a stated license can't be considered for packaging and distribution. See our Documentation on Licensing.

Filenames should start with the submitters name or nick and have no spaces: callisto_background.png

Take note of our Background Guidelines and Templates

How to add background images the proper way

Create 300 pixel wide versions of your backgrounds. If say, the image is called callisto_background.jpg, call the small one callisto_background_s.jpg.

Click the Attachments link at the top of the relevant submissions page(in the row starting with Edit). On that page, you can upload your images.

Go back to the submissions page, click "Edit". Add the following code:

=== Example Name ===
[[attachment:dummy.png|Full size]]

@ SIG@

==== Comments ====
  1. Then replace Example Name with a title for your image or set of images.

  2. Replace dummy_tn.jpg with the name of a thumbnail. Replace dummy.png with the name of the related full size image. Copy the 2 lines and repeat for additional images.

  3. Remove the space after the @. Do not replace SIG with your account name! The resulting @SIG@ will be replaced with your account name and date/time of the edit automatically, as soon as you save the changes.

You can add the following to license your work under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License:

This work by your-name is licensed under a [[|Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License]].

Help, if you have many images to add.

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