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Ubuntu-themed branding for Aisleriot

Ubuntu-themed artwork for the Gnome solitaire game titled "Aisleriot".

* A tiled background (with a small Ubuntu logo)

* New card backs

* Fresh colors

Current issues

The card back image file (gnomangelo_bitmap.svg) is currently too large. It is almost twice the original size, due to the complexity of the pattern on the cards.


Download the files here. I've included a simple script that will copy the files to the right folders for you (only tested on Jaunty).





I also reduced the size by 50% by using gzip compression on the cards. (Right click on svg, Create Archive, change to .gz, Create and then rename the resulting file with a .svg extension.) It works in both inkscape and aisleriot as normal. -Durand (Monday, 22 June 2009 10:34 PM)

  • Thank you so much! I've been very puzzled by the filesize :-). As for the david.bellot cards, I really don't understand what there is to gain from the cards? The standard Gnome cards are also .SVG //MadsRH
  • If you look at the actual pictures on the cards, the gnome cards use a bitmap image. david.bellot has used vectors there. The only problem would be the increased file size. -Durand
  • The blue shade is a bit loud,against the background. The previous blue [gnome], was more pleasant, either that shade of blue or something in between the two would be better. -mac_v

Blue Artwork

* Some changes from MadsRH release

* Added blue felt as background and changed the slots to 50% alpha.


Download the files here. Use MadsRH script inside the .tar-file.




  • Love the new card backs, but the link for the Blue Artwork seems to be broken. -- blueyonder 2023-09-29 11:07:31


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