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Balanzan is the name of an african tree.


Balanzan aims to be a simple and clear theme for ubuntu. It use brown colors, and try to keep an african inspiration. It's a part of the bisigi project which try to give coherent, complete and clean theme for gnome. It's build on murrine gtk engine.


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Balanzan alternative background

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Balanzan default background

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Widget Factory screenshot

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GDM Note that's there's the jaunty version (this type of theme cannot be used in Karmic)

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Sources: bisigi launchpad page

Website: bisigi project web page


beubeud who made packages

Koala lotus by RMKD

WALLPAPER: Based on Lion (clear version) by Damien Vila... (and sorry for the credits mistake)


  • Although this theme is very reminiscent of the default Human theme, I like it very much, especially the scrollbars. Unlike many of the commenters here who very much dislike brown, I am not one of them and really like the chocolate shade you used in the metacity. -- blueyonder64 2009-08-31

  • I have been using this theme since you posted it to the wiki yesterday, and I have a couple of observations from a usability standpoint. First is the default hightlight color (i.e. when selecting a block of text) may be a little too light for some people. I could probably change this myself easily in the Appearance preferences, but a new user may not know that. The other thing I have noticed has to do with icons. The "About Me", "Qt 4 Settings" and "Users and Groups" icons are so dark that all or parts of them are a little hard to see against the default background (at least in Netbook Remix, and I have customized the transparency on my netbook launcher to about 80%). There are also two menu bar icons in Evolution that are almost too light to make out well, the "Delete" and "Print" icons use shades of white and silver that not only make them almost disappear into the menu bar, but are also inconsistent with the other very colorful icons throughout the rest of the menu bar. Lastly, the "Contacts" icon in Evolution is so light it's hard to even make out. I know this theme is probably still a work in progress, but these are the few things I've noticed so far that really got my attention. Otherwise this is a very beautiful theme and I could easily use it as my default if a few of these items were tweaked to make them stand out a little more. Thanks! -- blueyonder64 2009-09-01

  • Thanks for all your advices blueyouder64. I've noted it for the next update. Note that the version you have tested is not the same that you can see in the screenshots. You can find the last version for karmic here: It include for example some new icons (arrows, delete, home...), a new color and new gradiant effect for the toolbar in gtk (as you can see on screenshots) and the karmic wallpaper. Tell me what you think about those modifications. Thanks again!-- zgegball2023-02-09 00:19:11

  • Thanks for pointing that out to me, I have already added your main ppa to my sources. I am currently using Jaunty as my main OS and perhaps that is the problem, is that I am using an older version of the icons. I will also add the dev ppa you linked to in my sources on the Karmic install that I have in VirtualBox and see what it looks like there. Thanks again! -- blueyonder64

  • Update: Installed dev ppa in Karmic. Delete icon in Evolution is MUCH better, some of the other icons look much more clean as well. Thanks! -- blueyonder64 20009-09-02

  • One more thing I forgot to mention - with this being such a complete theme, you should really put up a screenshot of the GDM that comes with it as well. It is one of the most beautiful and clever GDMs I have ever seen before, and I think it would go a long way toward helping sell people on this theme -- blueyonder64 2009-09-03

  • Ok! I add a screenshot of the gdm theme, but note that's it's unavailable in Karmic (because of gdm 2.28)
  • You're right. I'm sorry, I keep forgetting this because I use Karmic in VirtualBox and Jaunty as my main OS and have the Balanzan theme on both, and it slipped my mind about the new GDM in Karmic. I apologize, but at least maybe it will appeal to people who are using Jaunty right now and get them to start using your theme already too! -- blueyonder64

  • Sorry to be a bother with all the comments, but I also noticed in the development version of the theme for Karmic I installed in Alpha 4 and Alpha 5 that the background in the theme package still has the jackalope in it! Just thought you'd want to know. Is there somewhere I can download the default background that is supposed to come with it? Thanks again. -- blueyonder64

  • I believe that is my Lion background (as seen here.) Specifically the one called "lion-claar". I'm glad you're using it, and I would be grateful if you can point to the page in the credits. Thanks. damianvila


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