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Develop a few themes to include with Empathy by default.

My Suggestion is to focus in the idea of a conversation; one person speak from one side and the other from the other side, quite simple and intuitive. So, I totally suggest to use a bubbling-like style for conversation.

Also, focus on identify the person wich I'm talking to.

RenkooMod | Light One

Fully based on Renkoo, but with a few fixed to enable JS effects and a top contact bar.

Full size


  • Very nice alnd light, and as much as I hate iChat I like the chat bubblesl Nice work. Is there anything that could be done to make the chat bubbes stand out a bit more, like fake drop shadows or something, because they are almost on the verge of being too light. Anywhere I can download this theme to try it out? ---blueyonder64 2023-03-28 00:24:27

    • Yes and NO. The theme you see is a mockup, but it's based on Renkoo (fixed by Nicolò Chieffo). It's a little different from the mockup, and the buble can be enhanced as you wish! --dael99

Ravenant Dust

Original Ravenant is an updated hybrid of Ravenesque. Taking elements from both Na Wong's "Light" Bluebird theme and Collin Henderson's Ravenesque message style, with help from Matthew Rex and Pritthish, Ravenant is one of the most elegant message styles out there.

Ravenant Dust is based on Ravenant theme for Adium but stylished and polished to use with Ubuntu Dust GTK+ theme. Ravenant Dust Groupchat is stylished to groupchats support.

Ravenant Dust ravenant_dust.png


Download Ravenant Dust theme pack



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