Hardy Heron DVD cover

Here is a Hardy Heron DVD cover in a chocolate brown color. I've used the Fela Kuti artwork, because I think it's perfect for Heron. I've made a few different versions of the back. The link above the image is in fullsize. Please leave a comment (and if you don't mind, your name/e-mail)...

Some people find the chocolate version to dark, so I've added a white/light version for preview below. Anyway, the versions are:

1. Cover 2. White/Light cover version 3. Orange theme cover 4. CD labels

Attached ubuntu forum thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=704774




The latest version using the actual wallpaper from 8.04 is HERE...


Because I have gotten so many requests, I've uploaded a CMYK version in TIFF that you can import into GIMP and add the text in whatever language you might like. The files are here:





Cover with provides:


The thumbnail image is very compressed, so please click the Fullsize to see the image properly! http://ubuntuforums.org/g/images/241494/large/1_Heron-DVD-cover-PC_copy.jpg

In the spirit of opensource, here is the Photoshop file for you to edit, if there is anything you would like to change. The file will NOT work in Gimp since it has layer effects. Have fun Wink ;-)

Download .PSD file from Filefactory

White/Light cover version

I have some trouble importing the Fela kuti SVG file into Photoshop without getting the bevel/emboss effect, so I'll work it out and post an updated version when we're approaching the 8.04 release. And again, please leave suggestion or comments.


Orange theme cover

Trying to keep the orange color (some of the earlier used). Still based on the same layout, but without the Fela Kuti artwork. Althou there's no heron, I've kept the heron tracks on the end.


CD Label orange

Here is an orange CD label for the cover above. The preview maybe looks kind of wierd, but it turns out great when it get's printed. I don't know who made this, but this is the image I used as reference.


For printing use this one: Fullsize

CD Label brown

Here is a CD label for the brown version. I've used a slightly lighter brown than the cover color. I uploaded the "full" image, to make it easier to fit the label. Hope it works.



CD Label Fela Kutai

Here is a CD label - by smartboyathome - using the Fela Kutai wallpaper. It includes sources (which are available here). Click the image for a larger size.



Check wikipedia to see what a heron is:



  • Here is a Custome CD Cover made by Lukas238.

Download file from DeviantArt

  • Here are some custom Box covers and CD labels created by Megumi Chan








  • Truly amazing, very professional and looks great! -- Tom Wright
  • Amazing, put on first cover compiz fusion icon, and do not write whats new, instead what we have in hardy
  • Just a thought, it might look better with the new gimp icon -- Tom Wright
  • Looks very nice and professional! Personally I like the brown theme. One thing you might chance is the text "The CD inside will install ..." to "The disc inside will install ..." so that we can use the same cover for both the DVD-version and the CD-version. -- Anders Häggström
  • Very nice layout design! I like the brown ones too (/me ducks for cover). I don't mind the light one, but the bird looks 'beveled' and I think that could be fixed by removing the dropshadow layer from it. The animal trails are a nice touch. -- AshCogs

  • can you post the .psd (or whatever photoshop is using these days) files? --Tom Wright
  • very very nice work!! --CyrilDamas

  • Very nice work, i liked the white version the best, the brown one is very cluttered and untidy. i feel you should remove the bevel on the white one. thanks : GREAT WORK !
  • I really like the White one, it definately gives a much more clean and professional image, while not removing that easy going feeling that previous ubuntu releases have had. I can really see it packaged with the brown label cd. Great work!! --KieranCallaghan


  • This is great, i really liked the white and orange one. It definitely looks very professional. -- BrunoBarrera

  • I love these. #9 (the version using the actual wallpaper source) is my personal favorite. One suggestion: Next to the "What's New" listings, I think you should add subdued tag-lines explaining each's significance ("Improved video hardware support" next to Xorg 7.3, etc.). -- BHSPitMonkey
  • I really liked them and want to translate them to Persian and make Kubuntu from them. Would you mind attaching the .xcf or .psd for the others like White/Light cover and others? -- Mirdamadi
  • I love the White/Light cover. The contrast with the heron really makes it stand out. Is there anyplace I could get a full size version of that image? -- MGMiller

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