Ubuntu 8.10 Mockups

Here are some mockups I made. Just trying to further develop the ideas expressed and mockups made so far, in the process of developing a art concept for the upcoming Ubuntu Hardy Heron


First of all, we need a wallpaper. I really like this one: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/346151 Reasons: * it has nice Ubunu-ish colours * Looks dangerous and intense, yet flurry * Gives associations to deserts, african environment etc.



Concept Art

Fullsize Image by Lassegul

GTK+ and Metacity art




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  • I love polar bears! Thanks - Anonymousman123 Today, during Twilight.
  • What's funny is it looks a lot like the BasicIdeals theme. -- Lmessenger 2007-12-22 05:46:21

  • This mockup looks fantastic, goodluck! - Hamish14
  • The wallpaper is perfect !, we still need improve the GTK Theme -- MarceloAtie (2008-01-27)

  • Looking pretty good, but shouldn't an animal wallpaper be more thematically tied-in? This looks too much like an Apple wallpaper. What about taking a cropped close-up of a heron wing and colorizing it? -Sumit
  • Exist only two themes what i prey for to be used in 8.10 and this is one of them.

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