Selecting red colour to heron's neck, not too lucky. Looks like scarry cutted bloody bird.


Here is the corrected version:



  • I really like this version compared to the original version. It is less distracting and jarring. My little sister said she preferred this version, though she didn't know why. I'll try and get the word out on this one. Oh and you missed a spot in the background (there's red in the upper left). - NanleyChery

  • This would work better and maintain the quality of the original if edited in Inkscape, as an SVG. (The source files and most of the provided downloads of this image are SVGs). Looks decent, though. As one who was quite opposed to the idea of removing the red, I think this shows that it really wouldn't hurt too much. I do not find changing it to orange very tasteful, though, since there is already tons of orange. Maybe a very light brownish white would work okay? Or possibly a more black colour, as a quiet nod to the actual colour of a heron while maintaining the sharp contrast that the red was... - DylanMccall

  • The original artist has edited his work to remove the "blood." See here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Fela_Kuti#head-3fe7dc61afd1a0e2cbd71ed5625ac3f97a829677

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