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The Fela Kuti wallpaper is really nice, clean and modern. If it is used as default wallpaper for Hardy, it would be nice if the login screen had this same grey color, or even the same design.


Using Fela Kuti wallpaper as background for the login screen. Here is a really rough mockup of what it could look like. Many things can be discussed about it (position of the login zone, position of the logo, etc.), but it is just to give a first idea.

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I'm the the original image's creator and just thought I'd mention that the elements are avail as an svg file which can be opened in inkscape and edited. The background can be changed or deleted, Things can be repositioned, the colors and shapes on the bird can change, dropshadows deleted etc. If you select all and continuously Ungroup, it all breaks down into individual shapes to mess with. I'm not familiar with which CC license to use, and didn't want to conflict with whatever the terms are on works submitted to the wiki, if any. Some comment-ers on the original page have posted suggestions or tweaks...I say have at it, and post it. I think I like it better as a login background than as a wallpaper. It made me think about how the login page might be the appropriate place for images directly related to the build's animal name and/or version number, as opposed to the wallpaper, which should probably be something less busy and "in-your-face". Of course the wallpaper and login should match somewhat, so that the transition wouldn't be jarring. One argument for associating the build names with a visual is that so many posts and help forums' solutions etc are easily found by searching for the name (eg, "hardy drivers dell 1420") that it warrants some exposure to the user who isn't paying attention to such things. Plus, I like animals. -AshCogs

Woah, I really like that heron. I agree; the image would be better suited for a login screen instead of a wallpaper; it's too energetic for a wallpaper. Btw; the SVG can be found on the Fela Kuti page.

  • - raphael

This is an excellent use of the Fela Kuti image, as the others have said it works fantastically as a background to the login screen. To me this is perfect for the Hardy Heron login, although we do have the face browser to think about.

I would say that this is one of the best design suggestions out here. You've got my vote...

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