Sunday, December 27th, 2009

No meeting due to holiday.

Sunday, December 13th, 2009


  1. Announcements
    1. Camp KDE is at UC San Diego January 15th to 22nd. Darkwing will be there handing out CDs. Grant will provide some burned; we'll also try to get pressed CDs to the event.
    2. LoCo Lucid Testing (ML post): the QA team is reaching out for help testing ISO images and other things and filing bugs on any problems.

    3. Pressed CDs: see ML post if you want some

    4. Creative Commons is having their 7th birthday event at San Francisco PariSoMa on December 17th

  2. December 27th meeting cancellation
    1. Discussion of whether meetings need to take place for consistency
    2. Discussion of whether topics are time-sensitive
    3. Proposal to have a meeting anyway but not put any binding items or important decisions on it.
    4. Eventual decision: agenda items pushed to January, will have a chat time to discuss stuff on the 27th but won't have meeting.
  3. California team organization, management structure, processes
    1. Roadmap
      1. Jono wrote a blog entry on roadmaps

      2. Neal says one is "in the works" since Mark suggested it a few weeks ago
    2. Subgroups
      1. Jack said that local users know what's best for their community, and gilbert (from Ohio LoCo) said subgroups are nice because cities are so far apart

      2. Grant said that barriers to making LoCo related stuff are artificially high (e.g. "endless reiteration" of questions)

      3. Nathan, eps, and Neal said that our membership is too low for subgroups
      4. Jack said that he has problems seeing how he fits in the LoCo because there's no structure (democratic or otherwise), and thus doesn't feel motivated, especially because he feels his projects have to get past the arbitrary approval of a statewide leader

      5. paultag (from Ohio) talked about how he created "ReLoCos" (Really Local Communities), gave each ReLoCo, Ubuntu Member, and Canonical Member a say in the direction of the team, and changed the Contact role from that of leader.

      6. Various people said that regional LoCos would be a good idea and help local involvement. Nathan expressed concern that it would lead to balkanization.

      7. People also asked for the LoCo to have a documented structure

      8. Neal said the team made decisions on consensus; Nathan said the team has a Benevolent Dictator.
      9. After comparisons between benevolent dictatorship in Ubuntu and in the LoCo, Jack said that one difference is that since only one LoCo is allowed per state, it's unforkable (unlike Ubuntu). He proposed a democratic (or council-like republic) structure to empower people and reduce the ill-will in the group.

      10. Discussion over region-based subgroups (like Ohio has) vs. topic-based subgroups (like an Outreach group)
      11. Jack said he'd write a structure and send it out to the mailing list, and others could do the same.

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

No meeting due to holiday.

Sunday, November 15th, 2009


  1. Announcements
    1. Next week is the Ubuntu Developer Summit for Lucid

      1. Remote participation options at UDS-L/RemoteParticipation. Should have audio available

      2. Schedule times are two hours ahead (CST) ahead of us
  2. Karmic events

    1. San Francisco event
      1. Went well; photos on wiki page; installfest gave away about 50 CDs; ~20 people just at installfest, over 100 for party.
      2. In future: make the installfest longer (2-3 hours?), since one hour was too short; loud background music is problematic when helping people, consider a side-room or something to dampen it.
    2. Felton and Berkeley happened as planned; Grant presented at both; Felton had about 20 people, Berkeley had about 15
    3. Orange event
      1. Planning pretty much done. It'll be the 21st (next Saturday), and will be lunch and then an installfest
      2. Decided to hold it at Zitos. Installfest starts at 2pm.
  3. Facebook URL

    1. Candidates: "california team" (not specific enough), "ubuntu california" (no spaces allowed, so "ubuntu.california" or "ubuntucalifornia"), "ubuntu.us.ca", "californiateam.ubuntu", "californiaubuntuteam"
    2. Didn't know whether case-sensitivity was a problem, so opted for all lower-case
    3. Decided on "ubuntu.california"

  4. T-shirts

    1. Project page is set up for people to upload to; if you need help getting it to work, feel free to ask
    2. If you have ideas and can't do art, you can post the idea instead and someone else can do the art
    3. Mid-December would be a good timeframe for getting designs ready
  5. November 29th meeting cancellation
    1. It's Thanksgiving weekend, so some people might not be around
    2. Discussion on "team organization and structure" agenda item and whether it's time-sensitive
    3. Decision: November 29th meeting cancelled, next meeting will be December 13th. Consider December 27th meeting cancellation at December 13th meeting.

Sunday, November 1st, 2009


  1. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu Open Week starts tomorrow (Nov 2), runs in the morning/afternoon our time for the next week.

    2. Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) released. Overview of new features

    3. UDS Lucid coming up

  2. CaliforniaTeam/Projects/KarmicRelease Planning/Recap

    1. Walnut Creek parties were very small (one person at one, five people at the other)
    2. Bigger party will be Nov 12th at DNA Lounge in San Francisco
      1. Jesse Zbikowski mentioned over email that he'll make an RSVP list
      2. Mark will send an email to the list with more information tonight
    3. Also upcoming: Felton on the 7th, Berkeley on the 8th
    4. Southern California is still working on specifics (see thread on ML)
    5. Discussion of how to get new people to come
      1. Joe suggested printing out flyers and putting them up on campus (Chapman, UCI, maybe UCSD, CSUSM, SDSU)
      2. Prize raffle
  3. Microblogging logistics
    1. No announcement was made on identi.ca/twitter for the last meeting (on the 18th)
      1. Currently, Neal, Nathan, and Joe have access to the identi.ca account.
      2. In the future, Robert or others will poke the relevant people if the identi.ca post isn't up an hour after the mailing list announcement
    2. Discussion of what's ontopic for the identi.ca feed.
      1. Original policy is announcements only, plus "noise" during events to coordinate the event
      2. Some people wanted more "chitchat"/discussion, others thought that it should be limited to e.g. announcing Ubuntu releases
      3. Discussion of other Ubuntu-related feeds on identi.ca and twitter; none found except the Fridge feed
  4. IRC meeting length limit discussion
    1. Options: current 60 minute limit from CT/Meetings, increase 60 minute limit to 90 minutes, no time limit
    2. Decisions: increase current 60 minute limit to 90 minute soft time limit that we should shoot for but can go over if necessary; continue ordering topics so that important ones are discussed first
  5. Facebook URL
    1. Submissions: ubuntucalifornia, ubuntuusca, californiateamubuntu, variations thereof with punctuation
    2. Discussion of the term "Ubuntu California" and whether it's confusing
    3. Robert will summarize discussion thusfar and our options, and post to the mailing list. We'll discuss it again at the next meeting.

Sunday, October 18th, 2009


  1. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu 9.10/Karmic comes out next Thursday. The week after that is Ubuntu Open Week

  2. CaliforniaTeam/Projects/KarmicRelease Planning

    1. San Francisco event will be at DNA Lounge (not Caffeine) on November 12. Performances 8PM to 11PM; installfest 7PM to 8PM.
    2. Other NorCal events are on the wiki page

    3. SoCal was supposed to be discussed on the ML, but hasn't been yet

    4. Discussion of marketing and SpreadUbuntu

  3. Karmic countdown banner
    1. Countdown images all rely on javascript to do the counting, and the wiki doesn't do javascript, so we'll have to work around with serverside code on a third party server.
    2. Normal, javascript banners are on the Fridge

  4. Shirts
    1. Currently leaning towards a general LoCo shirt, rather than one for a specific release or event.

    2. Wiki page created for designs: CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Shirts

  5. Group organization
    1. There are some things in the works for putting down structure on paper
    2. Also considering a page with info of who has admin access to what, and things that need updating regularly

Sunday, October 4th, 2009


  1. We're now an approved LoCo team! Approval meeting log Sept 22nd at 20:00

  2. Team Reports
    1. We're now doing monthly team reports. Our reports page is CaliforniaTeam/TeamReports, and Ubuntu's is TeamReports

    2. Reports are due the first Sunday after the end of the month, but wanted by the 22nd.
    3. Process:
      1. Create https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports/YY/MONTHNAMEGOESHERE

      2. Edit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/TeamReports/Current to point to the new page (this will update the index page).

      3. Everyone can then edit the month's page as the month goes on.
    4. Tips: use short sentences in bullets, link to relevant (e.g. project) pages
  3. Global Jam recap
    1. Berkeley
      1. Grant, Jack, and Eric attended.
      2. Discussed marketing for Karmic, some video, and discussion about other ways to contribute (bug reports, testing, etc.)
      3. Next time, will post more signs!
    2. Chapman
      1. Eight people attended (ccf, DarkwingDuck, Spartan7, nhaines, Yasumoto, jbermudes, Flannel, seidos). Went from 2pm to 9pm.

      2. Discussed marketing, tutorial on inkscape, Campcaster, programming, and Karmic
      3. Marketing spreadsheet. Did video recording, but didn't stream anything.

  4. Karmic release
    1. Grant has talked with Jesse. There should be an event in San Francisco at Caffeine, but the owner has been out of town.
    2. Berkeley and Walnut Creek will have smaller events
    3. South California is considering a food-then-installfest event
  5. Discussion of shirts moved to the mailing list
  6. Mailing list moderation discussion tabled after some discussion

Sunday, September 20th, 2009


  1. Announcements
    1. Our approval meeting got postponed, but hasn't been rescheduled yet.
    2. 10.04 was unofficially announced as "Lucid Lynx" and will be LTS.
    3. Art of Community is available for free download.

    4. Karmic Alpha 5 released; Alpha 6 coming out on Thursday.
  2. Global Jam on Saturday, October 3rd at 2:00pm
    1. North California: UC Berkeley
    2. South California: Chapman University
    3. Unlikely to have full audio-video joint presentations, may fall back on IRC discussions or other lower-tech ideas.
    4. Topic ideas: Testing, Packaging, SpreadUbuntu, Inkscape, USTeams Wiki Doc Day

      1. Perhaps do general wiki editing tutorial instead of USTeams-specific wiki stuff
      2. Grant will email the list about the marketing idea and how it fits into the Global Jam theme.
  3. Discussion of LoCo structure and processes

    1. Who is a member of the LoCo team? (everyone who's done stuff related to us)

    2. How does a LoCo get selected as the LoCo for a state? (general first-come basis, unless there are problems)

    3. The team contact is not necessarily the team leader.
    4. Considering multiple people in leadership positions (IRC ops, ML admins, etc.) to prevent the "hit by a bus" factor
    5. Discussion of voting for leadership positions and leader speaking officially vs. expressing opinion
    6. erichammond proposed to summarize the current team structure and policies in a wiki page so that it is clear.
  4. Meetup this Saturday in San Francisco

Sunday, September 6th, 2009


  1. Karmic Development (Off-agenda)
    1. Karmic Alpha 5 was just released. Testing is very much appreciated.
  2. Global Bug Jam Events Planning (Oct 2-4)
    1. No. Cal locations are still undecided.
    2. So. Cal's location includes Chapman University, the site of previous Bug Jams.
    3. Further discussion will be solicited on the mailing list.
  3. Ubuntu California LoCo Approval Process

    1. Application is on its way. More text needs to be added to provide context for links. Revisions still needed.
    2. Examples of accepted applications: Arizona, El Salvador; examples of rejected applications: Jordan, Lithuania

    3. Next LoCo Approval Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 15. We plan to make that deadline. Be there to support our team!

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009


  1. Mission statement on wiki homepage changed; nobody raised objections

  2. Approval application and approval

    1. Next loco council meeting is September 15th
    2. Neal has some notes for the approval app, but isn't at the meeting, so will discuss that next week
    3. Bullet points vs. list with commas for meeting links; probably going to stick with bullet points
    4. Going to go over it again next meeting and decide if it's ready for submission
  3. Karmic Release and Ubuntu Global Jam

    1. Discussion of dates. Release parties aren't pinned down yet, because they're not until the end of October.
    2. Global Jam locations: Chapman for South California; Diablo Valley College, UC Berkeley (room space for about ten people), or Caffe La Scala for North California
    3. Further discussion tabled until next meeting.
  4. Podcasting discussion skipped because Nathan wasn't at the meeting
  5. Lindependence and Software Freedom Day
    1. Software Freedom Day is Sept 19th. Grant was talking with Jack and Sameer about possible activities
    2. Mark asked whether we have flyers with upcoming event info; Robert said we don't, but we might be making some eventually.

Sunday, August 9th, 2009


  1. Solano Stroll (discussed last meeting) is just going to be BerkeleyLUG to avoid confusion, so our banner won't be needed
  2. Linux Picnic
    1. In Sunnydale, August 15th. jdeslip, grantbow, and vsayer will be going
    2. jdeslip will bring the Ubuntu California banner, since other groups are bringing theirs
    3. Flannel will co-ordinate making a LoCo flyer

    4. jdeslip will email the ML with more info
  3. Global Jam planning
    1. Weekend of October 2-4
    2. Open to pretty much anything, not just bug triaging
    3. Going to try one event tied together across multiple places with videoconferencing
    4. General discussion of videoconferencing and general jam focuses
    5. Disagreement on role of LUGs in planning and execution; discussion moved to after meeting

Sunday, July 26th, 2009


  1. OSCON postmortem

    1. Good things
      1. Generally well-received
      2. Jack's video and the Frets on Fire on the second day were useful for drawing people in
      3. We were fine without Internet access
    2. Bad things
      1. Should have burned more CDs in advance
      1. Grant's going to try to get a rough count of how many CDs we handed out, will post to ML about it
      2. People tended to drop by more in waves than they did at SCaLE; more session attendees?
      3. Photos are up on the project page
      4. Discussion on tethering internet for future
  2. LoCo approval status update

    1. Approval app still needs some work, everything else is pretty much ready

    2. Neal and Robert will work on figuring out what the app needs
  3. Global Jam
    1. In the past, we did one event at Chapman; this time, Neal proposes doing smaller ones across the state, and linking them with video conferencing
    2. More info on the Jam concept at UbuntuGlobalJam

    3. General enthusiasm for doing one up in the SF Bay Area too
    4. Discussion of specifics moved to the mailing list
  4. Karmic Release parties

    1. Still more than two months away, but start to think about it anyway; maybe a combined party in the bay area?
  5. Solano Stroll (website)

    1. Jack wants to be able to use the Ubuntu CA banner for Solano Stroll; may not actually use it, but asked just in case. Nobody objected; Jack said he'd email the ML with more info.

Sunday, July 19th, 2009


This was an informal meeting at the Community Leadership Summit.

  1. GPG Keysign
  2. Introductions
    1. Joe Smith
    2. Neal Bussett
    3. Chris Crisafulli
    4. Aaditya Bhatia
    5. Nathan Haines
    6. Robert Wall
  3. OSCON Booth Stuff
    1. Schedule
      1. Looking good so far
    2. Materials
      1. Still need a table
      2. Hopefully we'll get a bunch of pressed Jaunty CDs
      3. Print out nametags
      4. Bring in power strips/extension cord and router/switch
  4. We should get a webcam to stream from SCaLE next year.

Sunday, July 12th, 2009


  1. Ubuntu 6.06 Desktop EOL on July 14th
  2. OSCON planning

    1. Jack got the banner printed (picture)

    2. Electricity is paid for (500W, 5A)
    3. Discussion of who's bringing what; decisions added to the table on the project page
    4. Grant is still waiting on the Canonical conference pack
    5. Neal's interested in making a flyer, and will discuss it after the meeting
    6. Other ideas: having a designated greeter (consensus: no), visitor counts (consensus: yes, if possible), scheduling volunteers
    7. Going to set up the booth right before the first day of the expo
    8. Discussion of pre-OSCON meetup moved to list. Possible locations: SJSU library, at the convention center after CLS

Sunday, June 28th, 2009


  1. OSCON Planning
    1. OSCON is the 20th to 24th, but the Expo Hall (and booth) is only 22nd and 23rd
    2. "External" booth features
      1. SCaLE booth layout seemed to work well

      2. People liked the video jdeslip posted to the list; probably have that on a monitor somewhere
      3. Enough power for one or two demo computers, possibly one with UNR?
      4. Discussion about burning CDs beforehand vs. burning them at OSCON
    3. Informational stuff / swag
      1. Will have flyers for Bay Area LUGs
      2. CD sleeve design probably needs revisiting at some point to add support links
      3. Flyers would be good for people who don't need CDs, especially if we don't have Internet access to answer questions
      4. Hopefully will have Canonical conference pack with stickers, pens, etc.
      5. We still have some Ubuntu computer case badges
    4. Reference material
      1. Cheat sheets would be useful, since we won't have Internet. Nobody stepped up to co-ordinate making them, though.
    5. Booth branding
      1. jdeslip can get a banner printed on vinyl. Flannel will work on the artwork for it.
      2. nhaines will make name badges for booth volunteers
      3. Should have some t-shirts in the Canonical conference pack for booth volunteers, too
      4. Discussion of making "Ubuntu California" t-shirts or getting Ubuntu shirts from the Canonical store
    6. Pre-OSCON meetup?
      1. Have an in-person meetup in San Jose before OSCON so everyone can get to know each other, etc.?
      2. Possible location: MLK Library at SJSU

Sunday, June 14th, 2009


  1. OSCON Planning

    1. Network drop
      1. Prices for network drop were $400 for a single IP, and $200 more per additional computer, so no network drop.
      2. For future reference, benefits of Internet access: access to documentation wikis, demoing package installation and removal (though this can be done with an alternate CD instead)
      3. Could also do Internet using mobile broadband card or router, which would be much cheaper
    2. Power
      1. Power costs will be larger than anticipated, so we need to double-check on whether we have the money for it
      2. Options: $250 (for 500W) to $300 (for 1200W)
      3. Postponing decision until we figure out what we want.
    3. Booth planning
      1. Computer running jdeslip's Ubuntu demo video
      2. Going to keep the booth layout open: tables along back and side walls (like SCaLE booth rather than in-front

      3. jdeslip volunteered to print a large Ubuntu California banner for the back wall; Flannel will hash out design with him
    4. Discussion on sharing with LUGs
      1. Discussion about open layout + demos not leaving space for LUG people.
      2. Vote on whether splitting the booth with LUG people is feasible didn't reach consensus.
      3. Vote with consensus that either way, we should promote LUGs with flyers.
  2. Podcast discussion postponed
  3. Approval status update
    1. Some Projects pages on the wiki need tidying up, and most need links to mailing list added
    2. The approval app itself also needs work

    3. Apropos: our logo was deemed cool on effiejayx's blog

    4. Time frame for approval continues to be between OSCON and Karmic release.
  4. Renaming Launchpad Group
    1. Launchpad group will be renamed from ~california.team to ~ubuntu-california after the meeting to reflect the LoCo naming guidelines.

    2. Wiki pages, bookmarks, etc. need to be changed, and the group itself might break.
    3. Flannel will write an announcement about it to the mailing list
  5. Discussion on addition/removal of User Groups link on wiki menu
    1. Flannel (who removed the link) feels that, since it's a list of LUGs in California, and the menu should be for LoCo stuff, it gives the false impression that they're our meetings.

    2. Grant feels that, since interacting with LUGs is part of a LoCo's mission, the link should stay there.

    3. rww brought up the idea of reinstating the link with altered text to make it clear that the meetings are LUG meetings, not LoCo meetings.

    4. Eventual decision that Grant would come up with some alternate text and submit it to the mailing list.
  6. Meeting adjourned, further discussions moved to mailing list.

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Nothing was on the agenda, so no meeting was held (mailing list thread).

Sunday, May 17th, 2009


  1. Introduction to LoCos

    1. Lots of new people tonight, so we spent a few minutes talking about what LoCos are and how they relate to LUGs

    2. Useful links: LoCoFAQ, CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UserGroupContacts, LoCoWorkingWithOtherGroups

    3. LUGS tend to be focused on in-person, fun, social meetups. LoCos are more focused on advocacy (representing Ubuntu at conferences, speaking and presenting at LUGs, etc.)

  2. OSCON
    1. We definitely have a booth now
    2. Internet and electricity aren't provided for free, so we need to decide whether to pay for them or not (mailing list link)

      1. Once we find out whose booths are around us, we could talk to them about sharing power and 'net
      2. Maybe just bring laptops (run off battery power)? Do we need internet access?
    3. CaliforniaTeam/Projects/OSCON2009 will be updated with more OSCON info soon

    4. Not guarenteed another Canonical conference pack (since we used one this year at SCaLE already)
    5. Discussion moved to mailing list
  3. Open Source World (aka Linux World)
    1. OSW's dotOrg options this year are very limited. Regular booths are >$1000, and they decided we don't qualify because Canonical is for-profit. Fedora and !OpenSuSE don't qualify either Sad :-(

    2. Even if we could have gotten a booth, it's very soon after OSCON, so it might have been too much.
  4. Jaunty installfests
    1. LUGOD (Davis) has an installfest on May 30; SVLUG has one June 23rd
    2. Clarifications about the role we would play at a LUG installfest: not taking it over, keeping identities separate, cooperating with other distro users, etc.
    3. The usual SoCal installfest at Chapman may not work, because they'll be on summer when we'd have it (--> fewer people around). Other options: UC Irvine ACM, OCLUG (at CSU Fullerton)

    4. Discussion moved to mailing list

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009


  1. Release Party Wrap-up
    1. Photos: Nathan Haines' photo from the SoCal party; Santa Monica party photo

    2. Still looking for photos from Walnut Creek party
    3. Writeups: San Francisco party, Walnut Creek party

  2. OSCON
    1. Thread about description of us for the registration form: April, May

    2. Discussion about putting stuff about Ubuntu vs. Ubuntu California vs. OSCON activities in description, consensus was that we should talk about Ubuntu, maybe mention the LoCo, and link to the Ubuntu website

    3. Further discussion moved to mailing list
  3. Jaunty Installfests
    1. Since we don't have the resources to do one ourselves (especially in North California), we're going to look into attending LUG installfests with CDs and support materials instead
  4. Discussion about splitting up mailing list
    1. Discussion about making an -announce list or -chat list to separate announcements (low-volume) and discussion (high-volume?)
    2. LoCoFAQ says we should stick with one list
    3. List currently isn't high-volume enough to consider it
    4. Maybe standardize formatting of announcement emails so people can filter them with procmail
    5. identi.ca and Twitter feeds focus on announcements, for people who want that

Sunday, April 19th, 2009


  1. California Team Podcast
    1. A few people on the mailing list have expressed interest (mailing list thread)

    2. Doing one monthly would be a good start, with biweekly as an eventual target
    3. Focused on end-user stuff, rather than technical subjects
    4. Preference for audio, rather than video, podcast
    5. Topics for discussion on mailing list: who will produce it, hosting, writers, topics, who'll speak in the podcast, topics, length
  2. Jaunty Release info
    1. Ubuntu 9.04; not an LTS
    2. Mirrors will be (as usual) swamped, so make a local mirror if you're installing to a bunch of machines
    3. Boot time improvements (especially with ext4)
    4. Update manager will give 8.10 users an option to upgrade; upgrades from earlier versions need to go through 8.10 (e.g. 8.04 would upgrade to 8.10 then 9.04)
    5. Jaunty upgrade instructions

    6. Read the release notes!
  3. Jaunty release parties

    1. Walnut Creek and San Francisco ones are already organized
    2. lcafiero is going to look into doing one in Felton at their LUG meeting
    3. LA/Orange one will be at Pei Wei, 7pm Saturday

Sunday, April 5, 2009


  1. Gutsy will be going EOL on the 18th. Relevant links: EOL announcement, support timeframes for all releases

    1. Most Gutsy users should upgrade to Hardy, which is an LTS (so it'll be supported for 3 to 5 years). The next scheduled LTS after Hardy (which Hardy users can upgrade to directly) will be 10.04.
  2. OSCON

    1. Still working on red tape for getting a booth. Yasumoto wasn't around to give an update.
    2. Booths are 10' x 10' according to the prospectus.
    3. OSCON is at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center

    4. Consider mini-keysigning party? Would help to widen the Ubuntu-CA web of trust, which is limited to SoCal people right now.

    5. Consider a signup board at the booth for the California LoCo mailing list, Ubuntu Weekly News, or ubuntu-announce.

  3. Jaunty release party

    1. So far, no suggestions for SoCal release party. Consider Pei Wei or PF Changs.

    2. Current locations for parties: South California somewhere, San Francisco (organized by Jesse Zbikowksi), Walnut Creek, maybe Santa Cruz
  4. LoCo Approval

    1. Most meetings now have summaries; all of them will be done (and old ones moved to archive pages) before the next meeting
    2. Grantbow worked on the projects page and home page.
    3. CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ToDoList has a mostly-current list of things to do

    4. "Wiki one-a-week": if a group of people did one wiki edit a week, it'd help a lot with keeping things up to date
    5. Flannel, Yasumoto, and nhaines need to compile their photos of past events and document stuff
    6. Help out! Put stuff on the todo list if it isn't already there!
    7. Timeframe for approval: no definite deadline, but before Karmic would be good.
  5. User Group Contacts

    1. Project to keep communications open with various !LUGs in California.
    2. Peninsula LUG is looking for a speaker for August; rww will talk to them about doing a Jaunty presentation for that, is looking for co-presenters
    3. A simple way to participate in the User Group Contacts project, especially in more remote parts of the state, is to simply show up at a LUG with a few burned Ubuntu copies.
    4. The todo list also has LUGs that need contacting.
    5. CD inventory: about 2 full boxes total, with about 80 CDs per box.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


  1. Jaunty stuff
    1. Party close to release, educational/promotional/installfest thing later
    2. Release is on Thursday, so the party would be on the Friday or Saturday
    3. Going to try to do something in both the north and south of the state (LA and Bay Area)
  2. OSCON

    1. July 22-23 (Wednesday / Thursday) in San Jose
    2. It's a little early for many people to commit, but there's interest in having a booth there
    3. Prospectus with information

    4. Yasumoto will get in touch with them and do some more research before we commit to it.
  3. LoCo approval

    1. Need to get the wiki in order: get the meetings and events properly summarized.
    2. List of stuff that needs doing is at CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ToDoList.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


  1. SCaLE wrap-up

    1. Handed out about 150 CDs (compared to 120 last year), which is notable considering that Canonical was also handing out CDs there. Have about 100 pressed 8.10 desktop 32bit CDs left from the 200 Canonical gave us.
    2. Used the two demo computers as burners, because 'buntustand wasn't finished. We didn't have a problem keeping up with demand, so three computers when we use 'buntustand in the future should be fine.
    3. Interest in collecting the full set of pressed Ubuntu CDs to make a display. We'll have to keep them protected, though: our copies of 5.10 got taken accidentally, so some poor people probably tried to install four-year-old software Sad :(

    4. Poster: didn't have one for SCaLE, but will look into it in the future, possibly 3'x5' paper, which would be cheaper than vinyl.
    5. Suggestions for next time:
      1. Specified 1 to 2 hour shifts, so that people can plan to attend specific sessions
      2. Consider not doing Bug Jam next time around. Lots of people didn't understand what it was.
  2. Jaunty Release
    1. Jaunty's being released on April 23rd.
    2. In the past, we've done a party a few days after release, followed by an installfest a few weeks after (to give the mirrors some time to recover, and let bugs get ironed out).
  3. LoCo approval

    1. Benefits of approval: allows us to get swag from Canonical easier and quicker, bulk CDs (100s) for events, hosting
    2. Process: put together an application documenting what we've done and what we plan to do (in other words, we need to flesh out the wiki). Then, representatives from the LoCo show up at an IRC meeting.

    3. Cleaning up the wiki: Add tasks to CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ToDoList. Do tasks from that list. Easy!

      1. We have plenty of people, and no real deadline, so we should be able to chip away at it and get everything done.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This meeting was at SCaLE.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


  1. February 22nd meeting: moved to Saturday night (21st) at 7pm in-person at SCaLE in the upstairs GBJ room.
  2. Storage company wants a manifest for the stuff we want to store overnight by the Thursday before SCaLE, so we should get that sorted out by next Sunday
  3. SCaLE presentations
    1. Room for 4 presentations total (two per day)
    2. Potential topics: EC2, Games (Wine), Wubi, Regular Install, "Make Ubuntu your Own" (Desktop customization/preferences/themes), Moving from Windows to Ubuntu, Virtualbox (with USB), Fixing GRUB, VPN (Including work Emails, etc), Package Installation, X Forwarding with SSH
    3. Narrowed down to: customization, WINE, X-Forwarding, Windows to Linux
  4. Booth discussion
    1. 'Buntustand should be ready in the next few days
    2. CaliforniaTeam/Projects/CDSleeves: modified to increase readability, will be printed by erichammond's company

  5. CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale7x/BugJam: 11am to 6pm on Saturday, 11am to 4pm on Sunday

Sunday, January 25, 2009


  1. 8.04.2 released
    1. Includes all updates since 8.04 release.
    2. Change list at HardyReleaseNotes/ChangeSummary/8.04.2

    3. Problem with vim-tiny: version on server and alternate CDs is from hardy-proposed, not hardy-updates.
    4. Ubuntu 8.04.2 is what we will be burning for hardy at SCaLE.
    5. Current Hardy users can just apt-get upgrade; they don't need to get a new CD or change their sources.list.
  2. SCaLE

    1. Booth tables are 6ft x 24in
    2. Will be participating in GlobalBugJam using a separate room upstairs (same room as for presentations), which theoretically has wireless internet access.

    3. Yasumoto is trying to find a projector; troyready has one at home we can use if necessary.
    4. Equipment, demo computers, etc. can sit in the separate room when not needed, then go to overnight storage (near the Westin)
    5. Presentations:
      1. Two GBJ presentations by Yasumoto: "How to set up a bug jam", "how to work with bugs"
      2. Potential presentation topics: running games in WINE, installing with Wubi, Ubiquity, EC2, customizing Ubuntu,
    6. Going to have 32-bit CDs of the various Ubuntu flavors on-hand, and will burn 64-bit CDs on demand. Have both Hardy and Intrepid CDs.
    7. Canonical will also have a booth at SCaLE; we should know specifics sometime next week.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


  1. SCaLE!

    • Six weeks!
      • Pretty self-explanatory.
    • CDs - While we'll have everything available, what do we want as a sensible default?
      • We'll probably prep about 200 CDs. We had around 120 given out last year.
      • Edubuntu proved to be extremely popular.
    • Business cards -- Do we need more? (depends on how we do sleeves)
      • We don't know if we need extras, or if last year's will suffice.
    • CD Sleeves? -- What to package CDs in
      • Now with advertising for the LoCo!

      • Maybe fit a "How to get help with Ubuntu" guide on them.
    • buntustand status update
      • Some technical updates. If you know Python, there's still stuff to do.
    • Presentations (at our booth)
      • We plan to have small slide shows, with maybe a couple install demos.
    • Booth Layout (not in agenda)
      • We hope to be in the same booth as last year (Corner booth 31)
    • Cheat Sheets (also not in agenda)
      • MAYBE making cheat sheets for booth workers of common facts which would prove helpful for Ubuntu and Canonical.

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