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Sunday, July 11th


  1. New people introductions: lfitz, new2ubuntu_, jtatum, joebonni
  2. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu Developer Week is next week. Grant to forward announcement to mailing list.

  3. Website discussion

    1. Grant set up www.ubuntu-us-ca.org to redirect to the wiki a while back
    2. Plan is to use website as a public-facing site to complement the wiki
    3. Still pondering hosting options and domain. Design suggestions and mockups are also good.

Sunday, June 27th


  1. Discussion of website options

    1. Elizabeth covered the reasons for having a website
    2. Hosting options: ubuntu-us.org's Linode has space, Canonical hosting
    3. Domain name: entitled to california.ubuntu-us.org,
    4. Considerations: give trusted member(s) access to hosting account, multiple people access to domain registration account, Canonical hosting has been problematic for others
    5. Elizabeth will gather together options and put them on the wiki page
  2. Announcements
    1. LoCo Council started a LoCo Health Check forum the first Tuesday of the month 1000 to 1200 PDT in #ubuntu-locoteams

    2. Ubuntu User Day is July 10th, 2:30 AM to 8pm; logs will be posted for anyone who can't attend

    3. New100 Users Project by dinda that some might find interesting

  3. CaliforniaTeam/LaunchpadMembership review

    1. Discussion of membership expiration, clarification that administrators can readd people easily.
    2. Potential issues: one week renewal period is too short, people might accidentally be dropped
    3. Actions: Robert to edit page to make it more people that people can contact the team admins for help; Robert to file bug against Launchpad asking for one week renewal deadline to be flexible

Sunday, June 13th


  1. Announcements
    1. Geeknic in Los Gatos next week

    2. Linux User Group of Davis installfest (mentioned on the mailing list) went well with about 10 installs

    3. Ubuntu User Day is July 10th

    4. Fix-It Clinic on Tuesday is Berkeley; Grant will talk about Ubuntu there and forward details to the mailing list
    5. ZaReason installfest in Berkeley today went well

  2. Recap Lucid release events (San Francisco installfest)

    1. Elizabeth blogged about it; Christian posted photos

    2. Had about 20 people, Noisebridge were excellent hosts, Carnival parade outside prevented access to front door, though
  3. Best way to handle recurring event announcements (like weekly Ubuntu Hours, etc.)

    1. Ubuntu Hour events brought up the question of how to keep up visibility of recurring events without spamming the mailing list
    2. Current plan is to stagger announcements on the forums, microblogging, Planet Ubuntu, etc. to be weekly overall, but not more than every two weeks per medium.
    3. Discussion of how best to post to Ubuntu Forums (decided to make one sticky thread covering all the Hours)
  4. Discussion of Ubuntu Hours compared to LUGs, and scope of Ubuntu Hours
  5. Review of CaliforniaTeam/LaunchpadMembership

    1. Page to replace existing undocumented procedure
    2. Discussion of whether the benefits are worth the effort of renewing and signing up
    3. Discussion of automatic renewal (and whether it's feasible)
    4. Results: Robert to email mailing list asking for input, reword page to make it more obvious that giving out location isn't mandatory, continue discussion next meeting
  6. Discussion of CD distribution and the one-LoCo-per-state policy

Sunday, May 30th

Nothing was on the agenda, so no meeting was held (mailing list thread).

Sunday, May 16th


  1. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu Maverick release date change to 10.10.10 (release schedule)

    2. Gidget Kitchen geeknic June 19th at Vasona Lake Park

  2. 10.04 release events

    1. Southern California event recap: met up at Pat & Oscar's for dinner, then Portillo's. Total of 5 people, would have helped to have marketing. Mostly eating, though some discussion of LTS and window controls.

    2. Noisebridge installfest: info is on wiki. Discussion of venue.
  3. Future event brainstorming
    1. Getting (general) public places to offer Ubuntu CDs; discussion of materials (like stand)
    2. Advertising in free local ad books
    3. Free, noncredit classes at community colleges
    4. Tutorial sessions (e.g. at Saxby's)
    5. Ubuntu gaming nights (discussion of Steam)
    6. Picnic/Potluck + Installfest
    7. Tour idea needs more fleshing out (discussion of potential included events: info sessions, presentations to non-tech groups, etc.
    8. Discussion of Ubuntu Hours

    9. Ubuntu food! Cookies, candy, etc.

Sunday, May 2nd


  1. New people introductions
  2. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu 10.04 released. Discussion of new features and issues.
    2. Ubuntu 8.10 end of life (8.04 is still supported and directly upgradeable to 10.04)
    3. Ubuntu Open Week starts tomorrow

  3. 10.04 release events

    1. Southern California release party next Saturday (May 8th) from 5pm to 8pm (more info on wiki page)
    2. Recaps
      1. Berkeley event (25th): Grant presented, it went well. General discussion about 10.04, Ubuntu One, UEC, etc.
      2. San Francisco event (29th): Elizabeth's recap (includes photos); event was packed, perhaps make reservations (but consider cost)

      3. Walnut Creek event (30th): normal DVLUG meeting, followed by visit to the Cheesecake Factory. It was fun, though would have benefited from some advertising for more people
      4. Felton and SFLUG presentations: Grant presented at both, went well. He found the release overview page useful.

    3. Robert to add links to photos to the wiki page
  4. May 30th meeting cancellation?
    1. People aren't doing anything special, so not cancelled

Sunday, April 18th


  1. New people introductions
  2. Announcements
    1. This year's Linux Picnic is on August 21st

    2. There's a Geeknic in the Bay Area on May 1st

    3. Grant has some projects he needs Python help with: Acire Snippits, Sugar's Toaster project, and Supybot plugins

    4. Ubuntu 8.10 reaches end of life on April 30th

    5. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will be released on April 29th
    6. Ubuntu Open Week is May 3rd to May 7th

    7. Nathan wants to see Ubuntu Hours in California, and is starting one in Orange County. Others were enthusiastic about the idea; he'll send more details to the mailing list.

  3. Discussion of help resources for packaging
  4. "Tour" idea is going to be decoupled from the release events
    1. It will be a series of activities culminating with a few large installfests, and is still in the planning stages.
  5. Lucid release

    1. Need to get things up and running, get the event details settled, and put them on the wiki
    2. Going to double-check event details that have been on the wiki for a while with the coordinators
    3. More discussion to happen on the mailing list
  6. Meeting cancellation discussion
    1. Consensus was that we should decide a month before each cancellation candidate instead.

Sunday, April 4th


  1. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu 8.10 goes EOL at the end of April, so anyone using it is encouraged to upgrade to/through 9.04.
      1. Ubuntu 8.04 is supported for another year on the desktop, 3 more for server, because it's LTS
    2. New people introduction
    3. Discussion of keeping Facebook page updated for meetings and events
      1. Joe proposed setting up a script to help with it using the Facebook API
    4. Ubuntu Open Week is calling for papers/proposals/sessions. It's held the week (monday-friday) after release. More information is at UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep

    5. 10.10's release codename has been announced as "Maverick Meerkat"

  2. Global Jam recap
    1. Friday:
      1. Photos at http://www.flickr.com/groups/westcoastubuntu/pool/

      2. Event was rather casual, but meeting everyone was good and we had fun
      3. Documentation work, Acire additions, discussion about making Ubuntu processes and contribution easier, discussion about Linux and western education
    2. Saturday
      1. Joe wrote a blog entry about it: http://www.bjoli.com/linux/?p=45

      2. Covered bugwork, triage, tracking down packages that bugs belong to, setting up a blog on Planet, work on Lucid presentation, played Portal
      3. Would be good to have better advertising next time
    3. Sunday
      1. Photos: http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=2714

      2. Discussed bug handling, bug control, the Linux brochure Jack sent to the mailing list, finding and contributing to help resources (handout (pdf))

      3. Next time, we need to have one central source of information. We should keep the wiki pages updated better, rather than spreading information across several resources
    4. Discussion of wiki updating policies
  3. Lucid release planning
    1. Discussion of whether to focus 'tour' advertising on release parties, or installfests, or both.
    2. Discussion of holding release parties/installfests in cafes, staffing, demonstrations, etc.
    3. Timeframe: Currently April 4th, release is April 29th, installfests in mid-May
    4. Discussion moved to the mailing list

Sunday, March 21th


  1. Announcements
    1. Lucid Beta 1 released (we have two betas this release cycle, because it's LTS)
  2. Global jam planning

    1. Three events planned: Berkeley, SF Bay, Orange
    2. Events are on the Loco Directory: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california

  3. Preliminary discussion for Lucid release events

    1. Timeframe: scheduled Lucid release date is April 29th, release parties will be around that date, installfests will be a few weeks later (to let the update servers settle down and work out bugs)
    2. Discussion of 'tour' idea: have parties around CA, over the course of a weekend or two, and have the same flyers advertising for parties across the whole state
    3. Discussion of possible locations
  4. Discussion of CD sleeves
    1. Discussion of whether to change them to fit the new Ubuntu branding
    2. Got feedback about them from emmajane at SCaLE, so will hopefully respin with that in mind
    3. Licensing discussion

Sunday, March 7th


  1. Announcements
    1. Discussion of new branding
    2. Gidget Kitchen event at Saxby's in Walnut Creek on March 27th 3-7pm, Mark will post details to ML
    3. Joe's Ubuntu membership meeting is on the 11th
    4. Robert got Ubuntu membership this month
    5. Nathan's considering starting an Ubuntu Hour in Long Beath or LA; email him or the ML for more information
  2. SCaLE and Ubucon recap

    1. Ubucon
      1. Good things: range of topics, lots of attendees
      2. Improvements for next time: figure out lightning talk stuff ahead of time
      3. Neal estimates we gave out 150 Ubuntu CDs, 70 Kubuntu CDs, and 35 server CDs
      4. Nathan estimates 45-50 people peak.
      5. Discussion of whether/how we'd hold one next year
    2. SCaLE
      1. For the two booth days, we gave out 355 Ubuntu CDs, 110 Kubuntu, 130 Server, 160 Ubuntu pins, 115 Ubuntu pens, 230 sticker sheets
      2. Saturday was busier than Sunday
      3. Good: cross-promotion between our booth, the Kernel team booth, the Ubuntu User Magazine area, and directing people to Amber for Ubuntu Women stuff
      4. Improvements: bring ISOs for everything next time, make flyers/business cards/whatever to hand out, take group picture
      5. Suggestions: walkthrough of Ubuntu features on-screen, putting U/X/Kubuntu in a VM and switching between them to show differences, QR codes with handy URLs
      6. Ubuntu candy discussion
      7. LiveUSB disk creation discussion
  3. Lucid Global Jam (Weekend of March 26-28)

    1. Neal summarized what a global jam is for the new people
    2. Probably going to have one at Chapman
    3. Further planning to take place on the mailing list

Saturday, February 20th

In-person meeting at SCaLE.

Sunday, February 7th, 2010


  1. Changes to next meeting
    1. Proposal: move the IRC meeting on the 21st to an in-person meeting at SCaLE on the 20th, to allow for regrouping and planning for the second day of the booth
    2. Consensus that it worked well last year, and is a good idea this year.
    3. Robert to update the wiki and send out an announcement about the change
  2. SCaLE and Ubucon planning

    1. Ubucon
      1. 5 speakers, 7 slots, so we might do an open slot for socializing and Nathan might demonstrate Quickly
      2. Nathan and Robert will be there at 8am to deal with registration and early arrivers. We'll have a registration sheet for signups.
    2. SCaLE
      1. Sign up on the wiki if you're going to volunteer at the booth, sign up with a note if you're not sure yet
      2. Carpooling discussion after meeting
      3. SCaLE has free wifi, but it's very flakey so we can't rely on it. Nathan and Robert to bring Ubuntu ISO files
      4. Discussion of pressed CDs (Nathan got 400 CDs total for Ubucon + SCaLE) and CD sleeves
  3. Make local membership more humane to navigate
    1. Discussion of making the wiki more easy for new users to navigate
    2. Mark to email mailing list about it

Sunday, January 24th, 2010


  1. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu User Day was yesterday, and the logs are available for perusal.

    2. Ubuntu 8.04.4 is coming out soon.
    3. Ubuntu Developer Week starts tomorrow

  2. Camp-KDE recap
    1. DW did a presentation on documentation there and handed out 20 pressed CDs.
    2. DW now has 30 pressed and 46 burned Kubuntu CDs
  3. SCaLE 8x planning

    1. SCaLE is Feb 19-21 at the Westin LAX. We have an Ubucon on Friday and a booth Sat-Sun
    2. Joe will let us know when the expo hall map is decided
    3. Neal is going to work on getting the conference box together and test it at !SCaLE

  4. Ubucon planning

    1. Ubucon is on Feb 19th, the Friday of SCaLE, 9:00am to 6:00pm
    2. Nathan's confirming speakers
    3. Will try to coordinate with the Women In Open Source conference about lightning talks
    4. Ubucon planning meeting this week, possibly Wednesday, will notify the mailing list in advance
  5. Shirts

    1. Discussion of logos, designs, printing sources
  6. IRC channel naming
    1. No objections to keeping the current system (#ubuntu-california as actual channel with #ubuntu-us-ca forwarding to it)
  7. Documentation of voting procedures
    1. Neal to work on this

Sunday, January 10th, 2010


  1. Camp KDE: Darkwing is going, will bring CDs, but wasn't at the meeting to provide more details.
  2. SCaLE8x

    1. Going to have an Ubucon event the first day of SCaLE. It'll have mini-conferences and provide an opportunity for Ubuntu users and enthusiasts to get together.
    2. Also having a booth at SCaLE.
      1. Neal wants to formalize the "conference box" and use SCaLE to test it.
      2. 'buntustand will also hopefully be working by then, and we'll have Canonical pressed CDs to give out too.
  3. Discussion of "Mentors" link on team homepage
    1. Neal said that we don't have a mentor, haven't really ever had one, and that they're for unapproved teams to help them get up and running.
    2. Clarification as to what the mentors program is and isn't, and discussion of how team members can become US Team Mentors if they want.
  4. IRC channel name
    1. Tabled after discussion of what the issue was, and consensus that it's not a time-critical problem.

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