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The North Carolina Local Community (LoCo) Team began to organize itself in July of 2007 with attempts to identify others who were interested in Linux and Ubuntu. From that start the team continues to grow as more efforts to expose the diverse population of North Carolina increase each week. Because of the independence and separation caused by the three distinct geographical regions of North Carolina, that task is daunting. However, the team, with its determination to be inclusive and open, has bridged the geographic and societal gaps such that we can now celebrate state-wide participation from the western, mountainous section of the state to the beaches of the Atlantic sea coast. Several major cities in North Carolina now have Linux user groups that are supported by the Loco Team and active Loco Team members reside in all parts of North Carolina. The Team, from its earliest organizational efforts, has, and continues to be, very active.

The NC LoCo Team is a group of Ubuntu-Linux enthusiasts whose common goal is to share Ubuntu and its derivatives with all areas of the Tar Heel state. In accordance with the Ubuntu philosophy, this team is open and available to all. Our members range from non-technical end user (NTEU) to Ubuntu-Linux Kernel developers.

The team assists many North Carolinians through various individual and team initiatives to expose the Tar Heel State to Ubuntu, but the efforts to join such a diverse population through another commonality is a benefit to the state as a whole. It is in that spirit that the team is adopting the motto of:

Spreading Ubuntu across the Tar Heel State

Key Details

  • Ubuntu Date - Aug. 7, 2007

    Ubuntu Team Contact - Amber Graner <akgraner at ubuntu dot com>

    Ubuntu Membership - 78 on Launchpad, 125 on mailing list as of April 20, 2010

    Ubuntu Mailing List - Team Mailing List

    Ubuntu IRC - #ubuntu-us-nc on freenode

    Ubuntu Forum - NC Team Forum

    Ubuntu Approved Team - April 20, 2010 1744 EDT - Approval Logs from LoCo Council Meeting can be found here.


  • LoCo Support:

    • Ubuntu Become more active within Ubuntu US community apply to become listed as mentors for the LoCo teams throughout the US.

      Ubuntu Develop a mentorship from the active NC LoCo team members and see where we can help each other as well as other LoCo Teams.

      Ubuntu Continual usage of Forums, Mailing List and IRC to maintain active community and participation to and from all team LoCo as well as Ubuntu Community participants.

      Ubuntu Community Participation - Helping new users of Ubuntu who want to get involved in the Ubuntu project find a path whereby they can achieve both personal goal as well as contribute and participate to the Ubuntu OS.

      Ubuntu Continual Face to Face meet-ups whether through Ubuntu-hours or informal gatherings to continue to build Team morale and cohesiveness.


    • Ubuntu Organize and assist members of the NC LoCo team with becoming more involved in Bug Triage, and the Q/A process for development releases.

      Ubuntu NC LoCo team members are currently working to help develop the LoCo Leadership series and as well as plan for the 1st Ubuntu LoCo Leadership Days scheduled to take place in June 2010.

      Ubuntu Encourage other team members to see where than contribute and help with the development of the Ubuntu OS as well as the Community.

      Ubuntu Provide assistance with programming and packaging on and for Ubuntu

    Local Advocacy:

    • Ubuntu Develop greater participation in statewide NC Loco Team by facilitating regional teams in additional metropolitan areas of North Carolina.

      Ubuntu Develop a program for presentation throughout North Carolina to LUGs, schools, and other venues promoting the NC LoCo Team and the Ubuntu Community.

      Ubuntu Attend more expos and shows to hand out even more CDs, flyers, posters, and other swag while demonstrating Ubuntu and Variants to the crowd

    Wider FOSS and Ubuntu Community Involvement:

    • Ubuntu Working with South Carolina Lo``Co team, Georgia US Lo``Co Team, and Florida Lo``Co Team in reference to collaboration on Ubuntu Booths at various Linux Fests in the South East (SELF and ALF).

      Ubuntu UbuCons and Ubuntu User Conference - Members of the NC Loco Team were instrumental in the execution of Atlanta UbuCon at the 2009 Atlanta Linux Fest, SCaLE 8x Ubucon, as well as the upcoming SELF 2010 Ubucon. Plans are underway for a 2011 Ubuntu User Conference to be held in Atlanta, GA.

      Ubuntu Ongoing support and facilitation of LUG groups throughout NC: TriLug, WNCLUG, GCLUG.


Below is a list of the various activities that the NC LoCo Team members have participated in.

Links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc are also listed below:

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