Glow Ibex

Glow Ibex

Glow Ibex is a GTK theme based on the Aurora and Clearlooks engines. It's meant to provide a pleasant user interface, using Ubuntu's traditional universe of colors in order to create a warm athmosphere.


The idea to create Glow Ibex appeared after I developed my Glow suite, which is currently published at the websites. After creating the previous 16 variations of the theme, I decided I should do something inspired both in the idea of a darker theme for Ubuntu, especially New Human, and also with a more feasible approach (using what the current GTK engines can already do) to what was presented at WillWill's famous mockup. To me, a default theme for Ubuntu should look smooth, be essentially based in soft gradients and also look friendly, warm, inviting, capable of awakening the user's curiosity about the new world to which Ubuntu is a great *open* door. Brown as the base theme is a good idea, but I feel that it should be toned so that the gradients of the widgets can be associated with attractive, even delicious textures (I'm thinking chocolate here, or coffee, for instance), and orange should be boldly assumed as a highlight color, which enriches the surrounding tones. I also feel that the light golden tone of the windows' background is less tiring on the eye that mere white, and that the whole set of colors is a good compromise between dark and lighter tones. I'm trying to reproduce a certain feeling of being "home". Definitely, an introduction to what Ubuntu means, since the origin of the word, and even today, among the wonderful community of people united by great ideals. I hope the result can satisfy that same community.

That said, Glow Ibex is obviously not closed to new developments and improvements. It might and likely will be updated in order to get better and better.

The wallpaper used on the screenshots below isn't mine, it was created by Ether, at


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  • Hey. Very nice theme. But so far as I can tell the Aurora engine is not the best choice. I think Murrine is preferred. -- aethralis 2008-08-18 07:49:02

  • I must say that this theme is awesome. I rather say that I got in love. I don't know much about the Engines used but I really like this LQQK. -- sealview 2008-08-19 12:19:00

  • Fantastic! Have you made a gtk/metacity theme? If so, please post it! One suggestion, however. The buttons, the scrollbar background, and the orange part of the sliders should all match the progressbar for consistency. -- broomfighter 2008-08-22 04:41:16

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