Moving things are awesome, they looks nice, give the impression of complexity and modernity, keep the user attentive and are just plain cool and fun. im not talking about annoying things constantly moving in the background but rather a theme involving a very strong user response, the ultimate aim being that whenever a user passes a mouse over any icon or a window bar or clicks or minimizes or maximizes a window or opens a menu there is a number of different rapid responses, colorful little glows everywhere whenever something is done, nice little sparkles or ripples when an icon is added to a desktop, simply put things doing interesting little things whenever something is done to them, perhaps the minimize/maximize window buttons could be little smudges which glow and have their _ or x icons pop up only when the mouse moves over them. finally, although movements should generally be avoided when the user hasn't done anything to instigate them small very slow changes and movements like gradual background color changes (slow enough that they cannot be seen changing but are noticed after a long time has passed) and things along those lines give a sense of progress, im not sure how much of this stuff is achievable but id'e like to see a move in it's direction.


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  • I think this is a good idea in some ways, but you would have to make sure that it want too bad. Some of these ideas have been implemented in other OS's, and they add to and dont detract or distract. This could be done with Compiz I suppose. @Acelin@
  • I agree but they must be made extremely subtle. Possibly animating the gnome bars upon login and logout.

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