Kin Intrepid

Kin is a slab-based theme built upon Kith, Didymous and Union. Currently the Emerald theme is available for "normal" use, and a Glossy GTK has been created. A unique GTK is on slate, but the schedule for it is not determined.

All files for using Kin are available in the downloads. The icon set is the default Human set for Ubuntu.


Emerald Theme


Glossy GTK





Theme Progress

GTK Theme

The GTK theme will eventually use the engine being developed in Link. Specifics are still in the air, however. On the current GTK, the panels need to be made dark brown, similar to the AWN panel on the bottom side of the screenshots. AWN is not part of the theme, but will have a theme file.

Window Frame

The emerald theme is ready for regular use, however more obscure buttons (such as help) may be added later. Modifying the buttons is being investigated.

The Metacity theme is progressing slowly, and is nowhere near a ready state.


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