Green Humanity, or the concept of humans working with the environment instead of against it, is a lifestyle embraced by many college-aged youth and young adults. This environment theme for the desktop will cater to this population segment, as well as people who simply like the color green, and show that Ubuntu cares.


Browns, blues, and reds are all well and good, but when green enters into the picture, there is a clear winner. The soft, gentle tones of springtime can be incorporated into the Ubuntu desktop as an alternate theme, a theme which shows the beauty of nature and the simplicity of the color green. There are two main projects for the Gre-Manity theme: environment/green themed icons and a working GTK theme. The GTK theme should implement the Clearlooks engine to recolor more elements. Most of the icons may be borrowed from (and attributed to) existing Ubuntu or Gnome themes; the main differences in the icons-if another icon theme is used at all-will be desktop icons.

Question: Should other engines be incorporated into the GTK theme for greater customization of the finished product?

Palette GrePalette.png

Use colors from these gradients and the indicated blues in uploads and the GTK theme. Either the Spring or Summer set should be used, but probably not both. If it is possible to use a gradient in the title bar of a widget, please use one of these two. A gentle font such as Times or Comic Sans should be used for text at 12px.

Concept Art

The theme should revolve around life, environment, and human interaction with the world around us. Better concept art will be uploaded A S A P.




These are scaled versions of two possible desktop backgrounds which may be packaged with Gre-Manity. The full versions are 1024 by 768 pixels in resolution. Both are tileable for larger desktops and widescreen.

Question: Should the Ubuntu logo be placed as a watermark anywhere on the desktop images for Gre-Manity, or anything like this to reinforce Gre-Manity's connections with humanness?

Current Subprojects

Icon Theme

The icons below may become part of the icon theme if one is created. Please help to refine them so that the finished product will be as good and professional as possible.

GTK Theme

Somebody who knows how to code GTK themes would be much appreciated. A very simple theme will be implemented otherwise.

Desktop Background

Photographs of scenes from nature are welcome, as well as green patterns, semi-transparent patterns, and semi-transparent overlays. Anybody with ideas should feel free to upload a 240-pixel sample or initial sketch of their image.



GreFolderDraft.png - Pitr Mayhew: Draft of Gre-Manity Folder

GreComputerDraft.png - Recolor of the GNOME Computer Icon

GreHomeFolderDraft.png - Pitr Mayhew: Draft of Gre-Manity Home Folder

GreTrashFullDraft.png - Pitr Mayhew: Draft of Gre-Manity Full Trash

GreTrashEmptyDraft.png - Pitr Mayhew: Draft of Gre-Manity Empty Trash


Attach File


  • For images, use a low resolution picture in the wiki page. It should be no taller than 240 pixels. If you need to upload higher resolutions, please upload them as an attachment and link to them from the page.
  • Use @SIG@ to leave your signature at the end of your comment. New comments should be placed at the bottom of the feedback.


  • So, I created a project page and uploaded my earlier theme development work for it. Any help refining other elements of the theme would be greatly appreciated. -- PitrTMayhew 2008-05-01 23:44:49

  • Here are some more icons we could possibly use: moreicons.tar.gz

--yamfox, Sat, May 3, 2008, 11:05 pm Central

  • Those icons are definitely much better and more thought through / better designed, although I think that leaves for folders would make Gre-Manity's icon theme stand out from all the others. Did you make those, or modify them from another theme? -- PitrTMayhew 2008-05-04 22:44:47

  • Hey, sorry, I deleted the concept art picture while trying to upload a pic, and dont know how to undo it... Sad :(

ps. how do yu add comments, this one i added through the edit dialouge...-- Thomas669 Sad :( 2008-05-16 04:11:47

  • Reminds me too much of Linux Mint. Please stick with Ubuntu colours.-- Brettalton 2008-06-18 22:21:09

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