Widescreen wallpaper ( may be released as normal one if requested )


The idea was to keep it clean and simple ( remember less is more ) .

Palette ( will be here soon )

Concept Art


Fullsize Image by AutiCoder

Version 2


Version 2 b


Fullsize Image by AutiCoder

Version 2 c

In this version i tried to get more depth


Fullsize Image by AutiCoder



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-- OxKing Version 2 and 2b are pretty cool!

  • -- troy-sobotka 2008-09-20 05:40:05 Sometimes less is less. As much as I can't concretely cite the following recommendation, I'd suggest that the quality of a piece of work is directly proportional to an outside individual's ability to duplicate it and the time such a duplication would take. Modernist minimalism, while all the vogue in FLOSS, is a rather dated notion. Elevate your work with a complexity that isn't easily reproduced. In particular:

    • Is there a way to present the ibex in a form that doesn't echo a hasty trace?
    • Is there something in the work that you could add / augment / adjust that would give it a particular stylized flavor? What is the style of the piece and what are the earmarks of that style?
    • Is there something you could explore that pushes the communication further? What are you communicating? Awe? Beauty? To whom? Let those sorts of questions drive your work.
    • Compositionally, is there anything in terms of proportions and placement that might make the forms work better? Currently, the compositional elements of the three feel 'quarter', 'quarter', and 'half'. Is there a more optimal usage of space?
    • Consider adding a compliment or the starting point of a triplet to round out your work. When seeking to present a tone it is common practice to use basic colour theory. Further, creating a more balanced palette will give you options for bridging colour devices. Don't succumb to the same folly that Ubuntu proper often lands itself in -- a monochromatic tedium.
    Keep creating.

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