• Clear is meant to push Ubuntu into the future. It considers the best of today's interfaces from computers, phones, and media devices.
  • Clear's goal is to create a unified interface experience, seamless, organized, and intuitive.


  • Color scheme: White with honey accents (orange/brown).
  • Buttons: Smooth gradients from dark to light, bottom to top respectively.
  • Metacity: Seamless with the Gtk and with min/mac/close buttons that are simple and match the font ( close 'x' and the font 'x' will share the same angles) and has rounded corners.
  • Tabs: Rounded and have smooth gradients. that blend in slightly better than the buttons.
  • Panel: Slightly transparent white
  • Menu: Rounded edges.
  • Lines: Very light almost etching type lines to just barely separate items when necessary.
  • Typing fields: White with a dark grey font.

Clear Concept Art

A new mock up will be coming soon. It will follow guidelines set down by the new Art Team initiative.

Fullsize Image by Salane89



  • Will use the default font as set by the new Art Team Initiatives.


Ubuntu Icon

OS Icons

  • I am working with the art team to develop new icons, based off of Human. Pretty much just an update.


  • I would like to get the person who created the Hardy wallpaper to create one for Ibex. If you know who this was, let me know in my comment section.


Contact Info


  • I really like the smooth look, it's definitely easy on the eye. One thing, on the menus, what about an arrow to show that there's a menu behind that one? There are already arrows in the current menus. Maybe just a simple white one. I think it will help out. I'd like to try the theme out whenever you do have it available, to see it in action. --BrandonJones

  • I like this, i think it would look better if the window bar buttons where further to the right.-- UnknownUser

  • Good idea. I think it does look better. How close though? All the way against, or just a tad closer? -- Salane89
  • Nice mockup.. maybe a little better with thin symbols on the buttons (like "x" for closing, "-" for minimize and so on... but it can be fine without them, too. - Mariux
  • Thanks- I put up a new version that solves both of these problems. -- Salane89
  • The Hardy wallpaper was created here:] -Arnout

  • It's a nice mockup but, I must honestly say that I'm not too keen on it, in its "functionality" it does seem rather Vista-ish to me, still; i.e. it looks rather nice but does not add much functionality, only changes it. Thus, I would probably prefer the old one to this. --Arand
  • Anything specific? I will make a list of improvements in functionality. It would be far superior to the current dying Gtk.
  • I like this but i think that you should get some new window bar buttons (is that what those '_' and 'x' buttons on window bars are called?) which will look better with some nice colorful glows because i don't think the glow looks good on these white block ones and also i think that the line (_) window bar button being at the base of the other two buttons spoils the symmetry (would be better half way up (-) ) and personally I'd like to see a break from traditional line square cross window bar buttons altogether.
  • This looks pretty great, but looks like it was designed high DPI, how will it work in 1024x768?
  • Well it was in that, but the fonts did not look to good, so I made it higher resolution. If I were to import this to say inkscape, I could make it that way and the fonts would still be smooth. I still need icons people! -- Salane89 2008-05-20 02:58:11

  • The mockup was well done, but its too much to look at. I really like the idea with the menu icon, it looks much better than any other I've seen yet.
  • It is great! I hope I'll see this theme in Intrepid Ibex! Could you start working on it?
  • I really like this design a lot. I'm wondering what happened to the New Clear design and why it was replaced by Clear Finale. I much prefer the former. Was there a reason for the changes you made between the 2? Also, I would recommend decreasing the font size of the username in Clear Finale. With that big of a font, people with long names will look bad. Finally, I like the little 'carrot' connections on the menus for Clear Green and Clear Beta. Is there any reason those were left out of the brown/orange versions? All-in-all, I don't think you should deviate too far from New Clear if possible.
  • Its a little rough, but I really like the brown gradient! Also, that 'darker and therefore unselected window' only works if there is less of a contrast to the other windows. To me, the darker window looked selected. Maybe give it less value? -- Brettalton 2008-06-18 22:07:18

  • For icons, I really like the oxygen icons for KDE, but maybe you could orange-and-brownify them a bit and maybe make some minor changes and apply that to ubuntu. Even if you don't want to/can't use the oxygen icons themselves, check out their philosophies for different types of icons. For the philosophies, check out --Redrazor39, 2008-06-20 (I don't know if you put more recent comments on top or at the bottom, so I put the date)

  • I really like the “New Clear” theme. It really balances the tendencies of shininess, transparency, and roundness so that they are present and look cool but they aren’t excessive. I like the brown gradients and how it rather works with the brown rather than against it. No offense to the other concept artists on here, but I think many of us have tried too hard to get away from the brown and have gone into bright oranges and blacks, which are too much for my eyes. This theme keeps the colors smooth and natural, Ubuntu-style.
  • This is, by far, the best theme I have EVER seen. Nothing should be changed. Some coders out there should definitely make this mockup a reality. --Som3rock3r

    My problems would be that the tilty logo seems a little too excessive (except as the main menu icon, where it looks awesome) and the icons and UI elements seem way too close together, especially on the toolbar, sidebar, window title bar. Also, big square buttons are kind of hard to tell apart, and I think the individual button borders add a little too much visual noise. Anyway, great work! -- 2008-09-02 12:56:27


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