New System Sounds

New System Sounds

I've made a first attempt at creating a new set of system sound for Ubuntu. I hope these will fit the new Ubuntu theme, providing a great user-experience.
The set is soft, clean and has a piano-ish sound. There are four exit sounds inclued in the package, a normal, short, fast and a longer version.

The files called "sound" followed by a number, is sounds designed to be assigned to an informational message, warning message, question dialog or similar. The "sound" files has a slightly lower gain than the startup and exit sounds.

UPDATE! A .ogg version is now available here:

Download .Wav version here:
...or here:


This package include:

- startup.wav
- exit_normal.wav
- exit_short.wav
- exit_longer.wav
- exit_fast.wav
- sound1.wav
- sound2.wav
- sound3.wav
- sound4.wav
- sound5.wav
- sound6.wav
- sound7.wav

On the link below you can see a screenshot of what commands the sounds are attached to. Unlike the screenshot I would also suggest to use "Sound7.wav" for the Question Dialog.



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  • That is a very nice sound theme that should go in Ubuntu. Why don't you show it in the mailing list? Keep up the good work. --AntonKerezov

  • Fantastic sounds (espically start.ogg and exis_short.ogg). I'd love to see these sounds make it into in Intrepid, as the current sounds are getting a bit stale. These new sounds would compliment the cleaner, more polished 8.10 very nicely. What has been the progress on this proposal? --JohnKarahalis

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