Proposed Alternate Desktop Wallpaper

An extremely simple wallpaper based off an image I found on Wikimedia Commons, licensed under a CC-BY-SA license. I'm not sure about it being the default but as an alternate option it might be nice. I license this under the same license and give attribution, per the license.


The concept is a simple, subtle wallpaper with no more than a basic logo or glyph. I took the image from Wikimedia Commons. I traced it in Inkscape, rounded the shape edges and adjusted the horns slightly. I added an Ubuntu logo and a subtle blurred shadow.





  • It would work amazingly well as a splash screen. Not so well as a desktop background keep this one but try another with more texture Maybe using the hardy heron background (the one without the Heron) and then texturing the Ibex horns somehow really liking the simplicity of it though very good as a splash screen maybe even a log on screen. Edit: I've made my version of what this desktop could look like I know it's not very good but it's the idea. I've uploaded it as ibex-simple.png What do you think?

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