LiveCD Icon Review

Here is a review of the icons on the livecd, ie. the one's that need to be changed & fixed by the time Intrepid comes around.


1) System > Preferences > PalmOS Devices

The icon is too blurry, it looks terribly outdated, your eye is immediately drawn to it due to it's incompatibility. It needs to be changed.

Concept Art


Fullsize Left - As it looks currently Right - How it could look

By using changing the icon of gnome-palm to the icon below,

(from the Gnome Icon Theme, under GPL -

it looks a lot better



newpalmos.png New Icon Full Size


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Please feel free to leave comments, there will be more icons coming soon

  • So I take it that because there are not calls for a complete redesign of the icons, that Intrepid will just be a continued slow progress of the current theme that makes our OS look like a toy?
    • Yep, that's how software development works. This is an open process where you see what happens as it happens. This is not a black box process, such as where someone would pull a brand new icon theme out of his hat unanounced. Heck, we probably don't all own hats! Besides, what is wrong with the Tango guideline? People have worked their asses off getting it applied desktop-wide, and folks are already wanting that process restarted when it's finally nearing completion? -- DylanMccall 2008-05-19 16:07:54

    • Well other distros seem to be a bit better about having updated icons and such. Tango is not what we use, but we use its guidelines. They are good guidelines, but we need something more professional and something not so cartoonish and almost silly looking. Itrepid is supposed to be a complete redesign; I vote for everything improved! -- Acelin 2008-05-26 05:59:48

  • Whoa, calm down. What I am saying is that by the time Intrepid comes around, with the new icon theme etc, this also needs to be fixed, as it has remained like this for around 3 years! -/- Rugby471
  • Cool I like it, perhaps you could make a icon for 'SCIM Input Method Setup' on the preferences menu as that icon seem out of place too.(Although I don't have any idea what 'SCIM Input Method Setup' even does!) - Ghrobson
    • Yeah, it has the same ugly look as the palm one, it should be fixed, doesn't seem too difficult, just take "keyboard shortcuts" icon and attach letters to it, maybe. About the utility of the program I didn't know also, so I searched a little bit and found it at wikipedia here and here. Basically it's a program the help people that have a foreigner keyboard to input things/characters of their own language (examples, Japanese, Korean, etc). I don't know if for these people/country it is easier to look at this application and understand what it does, but at least for the rest of us, it shouldn't look that scary in the menu! In Portuguese, my language, I'm seeing something like: "SCIM Input Method Setup". And that's it, without any translation or something to explain what it does, not even in the tooltip, when I hover it. I think this have to be changed... Besides changing its icon. Maybe rename it, and provide a better tooltip? - -- OniltonMaciel 2008-06-15 06:47:12

    • Another thing: can I edit the contents of these, not only the comments, to add how it is looking now and some ideas of how it should be? - -- OniltonMaciel 2008-06-15 06:47:12

  • While I believe you're correct in the need for making a new icon, I think your icon needs more contrast because when it is small, it looks less like a handheld than the original.-- Brettalton 2008-06-18 22:29:13

    • Speaking of contrast, I'd say that many of the icons don't have enough of it: "Encryption and Keys", "Openbox Configuration Manager", "Mouse" and the new "PalmOS Devices" especially. -- FrancescoMastellone 2008-07-16 09:50:32

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