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As explained in the up with emerald article i think it's time to create an Ubuntu emerald theme, so heres a place to post finished or working versions of their themes for easy comparison in a space other than the working page for your theme. the compiz fusion settings and backgrounds you think suite your theme should be included.

theme 1

An emerald theme using buttons from the radial theme, built around the use of white shadows to create a glow which is then filled with an image which is a colorized and lit version of the original compiz reflection image, the background im using is ashton's abstract ibex background and the background of the top gnome panel at the moment is simply a background i made pasted onto the wallpaper (note: by the time intrepid comes out the next version of gnome will have been released and this should make pasting it onto the background behind the panel unnecessary) which has also been edited slightly with the addition of some white splodges in the top left hand corner to emphasize the translucency of the gnome panel. the alpha dependence threshold (as set by the advanced desktop effects program which i think should be included in the next distribution as its so much fun to play around with) for the reflection is set to 2 in the screenshot below and reflections has been selected for decorations not windows.


Fullsize Image by aqaspecification

ill take the time to upload all the stuff the theme is made up of if anyone actually wants me too.


  • Looks great, superb colours! Maybe not very relaxed, but would be fun to have sometimes. - -- Karoliina Salminen

theme 2



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