Brown Orange Wallpaper

Okay, since nobody likes the current wallpaper, I tried to create a few. Please send feedback to, the bug report is at Here they are:

brownorange_wallpaper.png wallpaper2.png


Its based off of this Background is brown and orange, might add some red and possibly an ubuntu logo very light in the background.


I Need some criticism, if you think somethings wrong, TELL ME!!!

Also, feel free to Edit Wink ;)

A Beta

NOTE: Beta Moved to:


New Ideas

Here is one more =)



Post your comments:

  • The last one (Beta) is best. I think you need to add more levels (layers) to it that will give it depth and will make people more interested. --AntonKerezov

-- troy-sobotka 2008-10-06 06:05:01 - While I appreciate your desire to have the default wallpaper changed, I'd suggest that this wallpaper is a far cry from a progressive step forward. In particular:

  • It doesn't appear as though there is any thought to a communication goal behind the pieces.
  • The final products appear as though they distinctly lack the earmarks of quality - time spent on a piece, formal thinking, composition, attention to detail, etc. I'd encourage you to keep working at your craft. Find someone who's work inspires you and evaluate it critically. What works? What doesn't? What was the goal of the piece? Critical thinking is the first step to progress. To quote Dziga Vertov "Anyone who cares for their art seeks the essence of their own technique." Keep creating.

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