I join many others in making the argument that animal fur corresponding to the distribution's release name would make exciting, interesting, and appealing wallpaper. For example, I propose that it would be interesting to use wallpaper which depicts Ibex fur, as Intrepid Ibex is the next release.

I'm looking for some artists who would be interested in contributing such wallpapers. If you would like to contribute artwork, please do so in the "Contributions" section.

Hopefully we this page can foster some dialogue in the coming weeks. Ideas are and discussion are highly encouraged.


Credit goes to a very talented artist named Damián Vila, whose work was the inspiration for this discussion. Before Gutsy was released, he proposed that Gutsy use an "Animal texture" as its default wallpaper. He provided several wallpapers based on animal skin and fur, which can be seen at the following page (be patient, it will take a second to load and jump to the right section): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Gutsy#AnimalTextures


[Please place all artwork here]


For general guidelines, please refer to Damián Vila's work. I would encourage artwork that focuses on Ibex fur just as Damián's work focused on animal textures. That being said, don't be afraid to experiment with other ideas. Bring your own perspective to this type of artwork, and let's see what we can come up with.


As an animal rights activist, I can honestly say that seeing fur used as a decoration (that is, overlooking the actual animal) disgusts me. For me, fur represents torture, pain, and the disgusting selfishness and lack of heart of some people -- definitely not what you want to say with a wallpaper. I would much rather have a photo of the actual animal as the wallpaper... Just my five cents.


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