Shadow Ibex

Shadow Ibex

I hope you like my attempt at a wallpaper for Intrepid. It will be followed by hopefully regular updates.


Shadow Ibex is a wallpaper that incorporates an ibex silhouette which I found at

For my space theme I have used an image I found on the hubble site at I have used the Ubuntu logo and the official colors.

For my wallpaper I have designed a two panels. The writing will only show up well if your theme has light colored writing on the menu bars. So it would be best if you are using the panels to have a theme with white writing on panels or a bright/light background. Please note that if you want panel transparency then don't use a JPEG file as it is not transparent please use the PNG files.(Panel.png does not have transparency.) Palette The palette I have used is the official Ubuntu Colors found in the official section of this wiki.

Concept Art

Ibex Wallpaper Small.jpg


Ibex wallpaper Space theme Small.jpg


Ubuntu Wallpaper Chocolate Small.jpg


  • Images by Samohtm||

Other art work by me is located on my Deviant Art at




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Please leave your comments on my work and any improvements you think could be made.

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