Intrepid Ibex Palette

Many artists have asked for a color palette to use when creating artwork for Ubuntu. Good news - I made one!

This palette is to be considered a work in progress. We'll test it out in Ibex and call it official once it has proven itself. Get it here and install it by putting it in a directory called "palettes" in the .inkscape dir in your home (no, you will not see it in your file browser). For the terminal friendly that's /home/YOURUSERNAME/.inscape/palettes/. Restart inkscape it case it is running and you should be able to select the palette "Newbuntu" in the palettes menu in the bottom right next to the current palette. The same things goes for Gimp, replacing the .inkscape dir with .gimp-VERSIONNUMBER in which VERSIONNUMBER is the version number of the Gimp on your system. If you have several pick the highest one, it is usually the current version unless you have built it from yourself from source or downloaded newer packages.


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