Coffee and Milk


In my opinion it's time to pass on that screaming orange. I suggest using light brown colors for an distinctive yet modern look.

It uses the Murrine Engine and Emerald but there should also be a matching Metacity theme.


This is the current working state, I intend to post the GTK and Emerald theme soon.


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* The background is pretty (is it yours?). I don't like the colour theme nor the graphics. I also don't like the right-align title bar. It seems unnatural. Keep it to the left or centered for use latin-based folk. -- Brettalton 2008-06-18 22:08:59

* I too dislike the colour theme, it's too dry and bland. I think it should be a lovely bright orange colour, though I like the top launcher bar's colour - that suits it well. Much like Brettalton, I also dislike the right aligned title bar, it looks really uneven and fiddly. My only other suggestion would be to change the close/maximise/minimise buttons to something more stylish. However, I really like the Up and Down arrows with the maximise and minimise, they're simple yet effective. Other then that, nice work. -- LostOverThere 2024-07-20 03:10:23

* Looks dreamy... makes you want to fall asleep. While it imo themes should be exciting.

This theme should defintly be mixed with this mock up here I love the background from that and it would go with this also I think 'Gilouche' window borders. That would make one amazing default theme. Here's my version (my-version-of-the-theme.png at the bottom of the page) it's closer to the one on the forum but still what do you think. I can make a new section for it (if someone tells me how) if you wan. Also everything in the screen shot is real apart from the mouse.

* I really like this theme, its cool.

* Where can I get this emerald theme? I love it!

* I really enjoy this theme, I'd use it.

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