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Ibex on a Mountain

I'm very new here -I don't even know if I'm editing this page correctly. Let me know what you think.

A nice huge version can be found here:


Ibex-> Earth Blue with a fresh determined look - Parthsarathi Trivedi

The blends of blue used in this wallpaper are derived from the same colour palette found on our planet. Additionally, 70% of the human body consists of water. Although water itself is transparent, the great bodies of water enhance the blues in the skies by echoing the colours through the H20. Plain and simple, this wallpaper defines the Ibex as an animal who is determined, fearless and invulnerable to intimidation. Just like the operating system. The horns of this animal are rendered in this image with bold highlights and shadows, against a fresh background designed by me, specially for this piece. The eye of this animal has been given special attention to detail and makes the Ibex come alive on your desktop. I give you a wallpaper as futuristic yet simple as the operating system itself.

I would be happy to answer any queries and suggestions at Feel free to email me. A link to the full widescreen wallpaper is given below. I will be able to produce the wallpaper in a variety of resolutions if/when required.

Deviant ART Link

Parthsarathi Trivedi


Ibex in the Style of Hardy

Who did the hardy wallpaper? I think it would be neat to have that same person do the Ibex wallpaper. Salane Ashcraft

I did not create the Hardy wallpaper but really like it as well. I think that wallpapers in the style of the hardy wallpaper create a very distinct look, while still showing consistency over several releases. I started working on a similar wallpaper for Intrepid. So far it is just a b/w svg-image which was traced from a picture. The original picture from wikipedia commons by Nino Barbieri is published under GFDL as well as CC-BY. I actually don't know if that fulfills Ubuntus requirements as for a free license - can somebody let me know? I chose this picture because the horns are so nicely circular, reminding me of the circle of friends. I'm not sure if I should make the reference more clear in a final version of the picture.


In the current state the svg (see below list of attachments) still needs a lot of work. I'm sort of happy with the outline but now it needs to be filled with color which I only just started doing (and all the stuff is stolen from FelaKuti, so credit the maker there...) Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, as is anyone who wants to work on this with me. -- Atreju Tauschinsky --


Ibex front view

It is hard to repeat the artwork style of FelaKuti, so I figured I might get things started by making a line drawing of the frontal view of an ibex. Here is the result. I just could not find a frontal view online... so I looked at a few and used my imagination... apparently my imagination is not all that bad!

I do not know how to make a preview of the drawing guys... could someone please somehow do it for me?


Intrepid Ibex in the Sands

This is based on a hand drawn sketch I made. I scanned and played with GIMP to make the colours and background fit, but it's far from complete.

Fullsize Image by Sakse "Don S" Dalum

I hope that someone else will continue the work - everything is GPL'ed - just send me a mail (don[dot]s[at]yodanism[dot]org) if you want the source xcf or original scanned picture.

Sakse "Don S" Dalum



This is actually an edited photo taken with a very slow shutter speed. I also have a human version that looks more like Feisty...

Image is available in 3072x2304 and is very high quality. Smile :)


  • Who made this? Hobbsee (info on launchpad) would like a copy of this at 1280x800 resolution. Thanks!

Sunny Ibex

Made with Inkscape. It needs polishing, I'll keep updating it. I can't promise to do it very often though, I should been studying for my exams! Big Grin :)

Fullsize (1600x1200) SVG Image by Iñigo Alonso (inigoalonso)

Neon Vertbrae

Feel free to slap an Ubuntu logo on this, I just haven't had time. License is CC/GPL, i don't care. Just credit the original author, Robbie Pence. -Truefire



Open Source Photos

Truism of the day: photography can be beautiful. People love looking at pictures. That is why I suggest including a decent selection of 5 to 7 open source photographs in future release of Ubuntu, starting with Intrepid Ibex. Not the default wallpaper, just some alternates. I suggest the following images be included as alternates, based on the way they compliment Ubuntu's Brown/Black/Orange colors. All were downloaded from the Wikimedia Commons (, and *I beleive* can be used free of license issues. The only way I edited these images was to convert them from JPEG to PNG. I present them here in their original demensions, but I would be happy to resize them if the art team wants to use them and give me some busy work Wink ;) -Brian Fleeger

Reichstag Dome


View Large :: Image from Wikimedia Commons

Hibiscus Flower


View Large :: Image from Wikimedia Commons

Copenhagen Metro


View Large :: Image from Wikimedia Commons

Tulip Stairs


View Large :: Image from Wikimedia Commons

Salt Piles


View Large :: Image from Wikimedia Commons



View Large :: Image from Wikimedia Commons



View Large :: Image from Wikimedia Commons


  • Please, comment any idea you have to improve this wallpaper. -- IñigoAlonso 2008-06-01 14:03:21

  • The first one is creepy. The Hardy Heron rip-off is beautiful but needs more form to the Ibex. The third, fourth (and was there a fifth?) I don't like. They seem to plain or childish.-- Brettalton 2008-06-18 22:12:52

Orange Feathers

This would probably have been a bit better for Hardy as it depicts the feathers of a bird's tail (a chicken!). I think this is great as it uses ubuntu's default colors, but is more interesting than a boring brown...

I hope you like it. P.S. This is my first attempt at doing something like this, i'm just getting involved in this great community - so, sorry if it comes out wrong, etc!


Ibex, et cetera

I was looking to find out more on what an Ibex actually is, and stumbled across the Wikipedia article (

I drew a correlation between the circular shape of the Ibex horn and the Circle of Friends logo. This is the end result:

Ibex mit CoF


Full Size (2560x1600) :: Image created by Christian Funkhouser

Licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License v 1.2

I realize it may be a faux pas to hide part of the CoF, and if so, I apologize. Any suggestions or (constructive) criticisms are greatly welcome. Although I have been an avid fan of Ubuntu since way back in the 4.10 days, this is my first foray into the Ubuntu community. I hope it's well received!



* I like this one, it's great, BUT remove the Ibex, the Ubuntu logo and the upper yellow line of dots. The guidelines sasy that it needs to be simple and if you brand them it should be with a small logo and tasteful. --Silfiriel

* I aggree, lose the logo & top line of dots and you have a winner my friend! -/- Rugby471

Ibex, drawing in curves and shapes

Not really a finished background. Inspired to give something a go by you guys. Thought it would be interesting to do an ibex not in profile but a more interesting view. I like the way that the angle gives the impression that the ibex is on the move. Please feel free to use and modify. I will probably combine this with a proper background at some point.



Full Size :: Image created by Jack Oclee-Brown

Inkscape svg file :: Image created by Jack Oclee-Brown

Licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License v 1.2


Nature, drawing in nature

Not really a finished background. combination of nature with ubuntu.



Full Size :: Image created by Jack Oclee-Brown

Inkscape svg file :: Image created by Jack Oclee-Brown

Licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License v 1.2


Ibex Sunset


Full Size :: Image created by Andrew Barney

Gimp xcf file :: Image created by Andrew Barney

I have mixed feelings about this image after i created it. Part of me likes the idea of having animal wallpaper that matches the name of the release, and part of me doesent. Part of me likes mark shuttleworth's idea that we should make it look better than mac's, but animal wallpaper can only go so far... Maybe we can combine the two by only focusing on animal fur,feathers, and scales. Then again maybe not. who knows. -Andrew Barney


I really like it! I changed it up a bit, and put it with the beautiful Dust theme, and GNOME's GION icon set. I'll attach a screenshot of it below.

Widescreen Ibex Sunset

To be clear , this has nothing to do with the wallpaper by Andrew Barny . by the way , no hard feelings

There's also an other version of this one in the make

Widescreen Ibex Sunset


Widescreen Ibex Sunset by the AutiCoder


Ibex horns with depth - Thorsten Wilms

Launchpad bzr branch


I planned on including the ibex horns somehow but as I went on I was unsure of how to incorporate them. Comment if you have any ideas.


Ibex - a_lecture_and_an_ibex

Maybe someone can use this as a starting point?

The original painting


A sketch for a Fela Kuti-ish background

More files (including inkscape svg):


Intrepid Ibex Painted

I have grown to love ubuntu and just want to help out with what ever I can. I hope that everyone like this Background of a very fearless(intrepid) Ibex. - jstokes

Very Simple

I've kept it simple as I return to Ubuntu again after Gutsy. Slight orange/ochre/brown gradient with "embossed" Intrepid & symbolic "horns" in chocolate. - lituuslimacon (artist, Human Blobs)

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